How to get rid of bark scorpions from your home

If you think you can get rid of bark scorpions quickly within your ease, then you have probably gone wrong. A bark scorpion is a dangerous one among the scorpion series as it has a toxic sting that can put you under harmful health risks. But before we move on to the effective ways to get rid of Arizona bark scorpion, you need to be clear about this species, especially if you are living in and around the Phoenix AZ valley.

Physical characteristics of Arizona bark scorpion:

  • They have a tiny little bump. It would help if you had a magnifier glass to see it.
  • Bark scorpion has a slenderer body build with thin tails and pincers.
  • Above three pair of lateral eyes, bark scorpions have two dark eyes on top of the head.
  • If exposed to UV light or torchlight, you can see the bark scorpion glowing in a bright neon blue.
  • These species of scorpions come in yellowish-tan colour without any markings.

The worst thing about this Arizona bark scorpion is that they can easily be found inside your home and out as well. During day times, they hide in the tiniest corners or ends, while they get active and can be seen during the night. Hence you should take proper care while going out, mostly, wear shoes when you are going out. Though scorpions can be scary, you need to know their strengths and weaknesses so that you can attack them at the right time.

  1. Insect treatment

The first and foremost thing you can try doing to get rid of bark scorpions is to use insect treatment. But these days, bark scorpions are resistant to even more powerful insecticides. It makes them extremely sluggish and lethargic. To remove them from your home with the help of insect treatment will work, but it doesn’t prevent them from entering your home. For this, you need to take more crucial and drastic steps:

  1. Remove the food source

Scorpions are hunters for crickets, ants, roaches and other small insects. If any of these pests have access to your home, then so does scorpions have. Responsible Pest and scorpion control is the next step in dealing with your scorpion problem. Removing the food source isn’t enough, because unlike other insects, bark scorpions can live without food for years. If your home offers a suitable habitat, they may decide to ride it out, hence make sure to have pest control done by the expert team effectively.

  1. Seal your entrance and exit

As stated above, bark scorpions have a very sleek body like that of a credit card. They can easily slide under and enter through the gap between your stoop and door. Sealing the entrance and exit doors with caulking and weatherstripping can secure the cracks around windows and doors and foundation.

The bottom line

Prevention is better than cure. To get rid of bark scorpions entering your home, you need to have your whole house cleaned. The technicians at Responsible Pest Control are expert in killing and removing the scorpions by targeting even the tiniest corner of your room.

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