How To Get Business Leads On LinkedIn

For business owners who are looking for a platform for generating quality leads, LinkedIn is the place to devote your efforts.

With millions of people using the platform daily, B2B marketers should make it a priority to utilize the platform in the best possible way. From generating leads to growing one’s business by manifolds, LinkedIn can help you in plenty of ways.

But, one cannot get leads by using the conventional tactics of joining the platform and actively participating in it. Businesses or individuals need to think out of the box and form a well-structured strategy for generating leads on Linkedin.

In this article, we have summed up all the essential details and some tips on how to build a perfect LinkedIn lead generation strategy. Let’s dig in further and check it out.

Benefits Of Using LinkedIn For Generating Leads

Why should businesses choose LinkedIn for generating leads? Is this question bothering you? We have answered all your questions here:

The Majority Of LinkedIn Users Are Active

LinkedIn holds around 875 million users in the present day. At least half of them participate actively on Linkedin and make ample use of the platform. Thus, making it one of the most powerful platforms among all others.

Converts Clients Without Creating Holes In Pockets

LinkedIn is a free platform, i.e., you can create an account free of cost and communicate with the leads all day without paying a single penny. Still, if you want, there are plenty of paid tools you can look into for getting quick results. All these tools are affordable so that you can stay within budget.

Most Effective Platform

Your marketing efforts will always be worthwhile if you are generating leads on Linkedin. It is one of the most effective platforms and provides around 80% of total B2B leads to businesses. Even a renowned platform, Salesforce, has said that approximately 70% of the forms filled on their website are through LinkedIn.

Filled With Many Targeting Options

Through LinkedIn, you can target customers by filtering out the details of the company they are working for, its size, job title, function, etc. With this, you can sort out a lot of leads quickly without wasting any time.

LinkedIn-Specific Tools

There are plenty of tools available that help like Dripify LinkedIn lead generation tool which has different functions, but its main aim is to reduce human intervention.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Just because you have built a profile on LinkedIn does not mean that leads will start to drop into your lap. You will be required to follow a full-proof plan that can help you monetize your time and efforts. After all, you are not using LinkedIn just for fun. Here is a full-proof strategy that will help you get the best out of LinkedIn:

Make Sure Your Company Executives Have a Strong LinkedIn Presence:

When starting with a platform as big as LinkedIn, it can get tricky to understand its features and functions.

Should you start posting content immediately after creating the account? Or should you post about the job openings?

There are plenty of things that might be striking your mind. But instead of looking at the content, your initial focus should be creating a powerful presence for your organization’s leaders.

The executives, managers, and other designated authorities can make or break the company. Their one wrong statement can shatter all your efforts. If the executives have a strong and positive image on social media, your company will automatically gain a good reputation.

Therefore, it becomes important to focus on your executives’ LinkedIn presence.

Create a Powerful LinkedIn Page

The next step on lead generation in LinkedIn strategy should be to create an impressive LinkedIn page for the company. Once your company executives have started to trend all over LinkedIn, people will be curious to see the company they are working with.

From putting in informative content to being active, there are plenty of tasks that need to be performed every day. With this, you can create a powerful LinkedIn page that will attract leads without much effort.

Post Relevant Content and Updates

If you want to achieve lead generation with LinkedIn, posting content randomly on your profile isn’t enough. You have to be consistent with your content updates to attract potential clients to your page that might become valuable connections in the future.

You need to look for updates and information in your niche and create eye-pleasing infographics or knowledgeable blogs to gain a loyal following. Once people recognize your company, you will receive connection requests from like-minded professionals.

By regularly posting content, your business can beat the competition without much effort. Check the analytics and see how well your content is performing.

Join LinkedIn groups where your clients and customers are

Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn also provides features like creating groups where people who share the same views can talk freely. You have the liberty of posting updates and meaningful content over the groups.

In case you have something to add to the discussions over the group, you are free to give your opinion. But all these efforts will only be fruitful if you have joined a valuable group. So, choose a group wisely and keep sharing your viewpoints every now and then.

Use Paid Products to Ensure Your Content Reaches Your Intended Audience

Businesses with a small marketing budget feel burdened when purchasing any paid tools. But with LinkedIn, you shouldn’t think twice.

You can use paid tools to help your brand reach the top charts in no time. For example, lead generation tools like Dripify. By paying a few dollars every month for this paid tool, you can stay assured that your content is reaching the right public.

Ensure You Have Solid Sales and Marketing Alignment

Customer buying behavior is unpredictable. All the demand and supply structure is set up on what kind of products the customers are willing to purchase. Therefore, it becomes important for businesses to align their marketing and sales efforts.

These days, customers rely more and more on online research to make a well-informed purchase. Businesses can make use of this information and streamline their product development accordingly.

Leverage Connections With Current Customers and Clients

The most crucial step in how to generate leads on LinkedIn is networking. By communicating and connecting with like-minded people, you can learn about the industry you are working for and earn loyal clients.

But all this goes in vain if you are not staying in touch with your connections. Organizations that form healthy bonds with their current customer base and clients tend to receive more referrals and references than those who don’t pay much attention.

Linkedin is a professional platform, so make sure to stay away from using tactics such as sending spam messages or pushy emails. Instead, reach out to them with personalized and warm messages.

Maintain a Consistent Presence On The Platform

LinkedIn is just like any other social media platform. You need to show consistency and active presence. If you are posting once or twice a week and expecting to get outstanding leads, then you need to change your way of handling the platform.

Make a monthly content sheet and write down the different types of content you will post for the whole month. For example, LinkedIn provides you with options like posting stories for 24 hours. You can have small content for the story section and more extensive content for the feed section.

You don’t have to post everything daily. Instead, you can post stories on Monday and Friday and keep Wednesdays for extended content. For weekends provide your followers with some infographics.

Why Choose LinkedIn Over Other Social Media Platforms?

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the internet is filled with plenty of social media platforms. But why are businesses so focused on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform that is specifically designed for business purposes. From connecting with like-minded people to helping businesses reach their goals, LinkedIn can be used in multiple ways.

When it comes to other social media platforms, they are more inclined towards connecting people for entertainment purposes. Users on Instagram or Facebook are focused on showcasing their creative side, whereas on LinkedIn, people tend to provide people with information like job experience and their professional skills.


Linkedin’s conversion rates are higher than other advertising networks, and the cost per head is comparatively lower. So, we can say it’s the best platform for generating potential leads for your B2B business.

Make use of the above-mentioned points to build up a perfect strategy for your business and get connected with like-minded people in no time. But, manually handling such tasks can be overwhelming.

The best thing you can do here is making use of paid LinkedIn lead generation tool like Dripify to automate your tasks over the platform. With Dripify, you can send personalized messages/emails, invites, etc. This directly helps you in connecting with quality leads, thus, making your work much easier and more relaxed.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Dripify today and generate quality leads.

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