How To Get A Full Teeth Makeover?

Many people fall prey to a variety of diseases; tooth cracking, swelling gums, Bleeding, yellowish teeth, and many more problems are common nowadays because of excessive use of junk food. These problems not only cause severe pain and restlessness but also affect the beauty of the smile and the appearance of teeth. And bad breaths can cause embarrassment. You can get rid of these problems by having a complete teeth makeover.

A Teeth Makeover like Teeth Whitening in Los Gatos is a dental technique including a series of steps that helps you improving the appearance of teeth and gives you a beautiful smile. The process is completed by using one of the dentistry cosmetics and a lot of factors like teeth structure (shape, color, and size), lips, and gum tissues are taken into consideration. For broken, damaged, yellowish teeth, sour gums, or weakening of muscles any one of the following measures can be taken according to the amount and type of loss:


In case of teeth loss, partial dentures can be used to cover the loss. The partial dentures can be removable or fixed. Depending on the conditions of the teeth and requirements of the patient any one of them can be used. The partial dentures can be held into place among the natural teeth with the support of gum tissues or remaining teeth. The metal case partial dentures include the attachment of precisions (such as pink or jaw colored clasps) that look almost like the natural teeth and thus gives the patient a natural look making the patient be attractive and beautiful as others look.


In the case of yellowish teeth, dental veneer proves to be the best treatment. A tooth-colored thin layer is cemented over the teeth in a dental veneer. In addition, to curing teeth discoloration, dental veneer also plays an important role in treating other problems like worn enamel of teeth, rough appearance of natural spacing between the teeth of the patient. Dental veneer makes the teeth white and their appearance smooth thus making them more natural-looking and adorable.


The braces can be used to straighten the bent teeth. The braces can also be termed as Invisalign or orthodontic cases. The braces can be used to cure malocclusions and are even helpful to fill the gaps between the teeth. They can be used to broaden the jaws but the main purpose is to assist in shaping the teeth.


The process of permanently attaching the dental materials with the teeth using different kinds of dental procedures or light of high intensity is termed dental bonding. This may include the filling of the cavities or the gap between teeth or gums using a natural colored substance that causes the teeth to look normal. The dentist uses different kinds of dental adhesives to provide the best look of the teeth. The space within the gums and teeth can affect chewing as food may stick between them and may cause pain. Dental bonding can fill this spacing with the help of white or tooth-colored materials.

The procedure beautifully reshapes your teeth and gives your smile a more attractive look. It helps you get rid of many gum diseases like gingivitis and also function as a shield to prevent your teeth from further bacterial attack. It enhances teeth whitening and bonds the uneven and cracked teeth to give a beautiful pattern.

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