How to Find Out the Age of My Heat Pump?

What must be your main concern during the changing seasons? Well, if you want to spend your days happy, stress-free, and comfortable, then make sure your HVAC system works in its right condition. Check out whether it needs any replacements or repairs? And if you are using heat pumps, then be sure about the condition of its operation.

But how will one know how much is too much in terms of a heat pump? How can one justify the expiry date of heat pumps Phoenix? This sure is a lot of doubts and questions related to heat pumps which are better-answered none other than the experts of Morehart AC.

According to the experts, the average lifespan of a heat pump is 10 – 15 years time. If your system is well-maintained and annually tuned-up, then you are presenting your heat pump added years of operation. But if it is giving you constant repairing troubles, then replacing it with a new one is a better option. So how will one know whether the repair is worth it or not?

To put it in a simple term, calculate the cost of repairing with that of its guarantee period and age of the system to that of the new heat pump. If your cost comes close to as much as 70% to the new system, then instead of repairing, buying a new one is the best option.

How to Know the Age of My Heat Pump?

This is one of the most common concerns of homeowners who lose track of the age of their heat pumps. At times, new homeowners come in contact with the aged heat pump, where they have no information regarding the system. so how will they find out the age of the heat pump?

Thankfully, this requires no study of rocket science. Finding the age of the heat pump is easy and simple.

All you have to do is to check the heat pump’s outdoor cabinet. Look at the sides or backside, where you will find a nameplate. In it, you will find the manufacturer’s specifications and other related information like month and year of manufacture, etc. Once this is located, your work is done and now you have enough information about the heat pump.

What if I Don’t See the Manufacturer’s Date?

At times, it is not so easy as it is stated above. If you do not get any detailed information regarding the date and year of manufacture, then stress not. You can still know the age of the heat pump by referring to the serial number, model number, and brand. It contains the date of manufacture, which may first look difficult, but once you take a close look, you will know the answer.

For instance, let’s take the serial number to be 6032TWF. It means it was manufactured in the year 2006 in the 3rd fiscal week of January. The number 6 denotes the year of manufacture and the fiscal week is the 03.

Now that you have known the age of your heat pump, it’s time to know how to take care of it in the best method possible. As suggested by the experts of heat pump services Phoenix, the following are a few of the maintenance tips that must be followed by the homeowners. They are as follows.

  • The air filters must be inspected once in two months. Clean or change it regularly. If there are pets at home, change the air filters every month.
  • The outdoor unit of the heat pump must be kept clean from ice, snow, and debris. Make sure it has free space on all four sides for smooth and efficient operation.
  • It is necessary to maintain the outdoor coils neat and clean. If they are dirty, use a strong degreaser and wash them down. Make sure the unit is off during the cleaning process.
  • There should be no leaves or shrubs and must have a distance of at least 18 inches from all sides.
  • Some of the fan motors must be oiled regularly. But if they are sealed permanently, leave the job to the experts.

Always take not to service your heat pump once a year by a trained and licensed technician so that your heat pump is guaranteed longevity and efficiency.

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