How to finance your travels with Airbnb?

This is the big question that appeals to most French homes … Whether you are a student on a tight budget, a family of four or a retired couple, the question of holidays and their funding comes back every year. And yes, for many, having the opportunity to travel can be a real privilege, reserved for a limited number of people. Or not … In this article, we give you the keys to finance your desires to escape thanks to the short-term rental.

The huge success of Airbnb, a site offering private homes for short-term rentals, has profoundly changed the way people travel. Conviviality, competitive prices, advantageous locations, the Californian company quickly established itself as the best accommodation plan. And consumers are not wrong: in 2018, it was one of the most visited online tourism sites in France, with no less than 9.26 million unique visitors per month.

However, Airbnb is not only a good plan for travelers, the site can also be very interesting for renters by allowing them to record additional income and thus finance their own adventures! Explanations.

If you want to finance your travels with Airbnb, two possibilities are available to you

  1. Rent a free room while occupying the accommodation

Are you planning a trip, need funds to make reservations and have free space in your home? Do not hesitate and propose your property for short term rental! There are many benefits. In addition to the financial aspect, this will allow you to meet new people, exchange with other globe-trotters and, perhaps, give you new travel ideas!

  1. Rent your apartment while you are traveling yourself.

This is the best way to optimize your home during your absence and to finance a good part of your adventures. Although financially advantageous, this option is not without problems of logistics. How to receive new tenants? How to ensure the cleaning of places between two locations? Here again the answer is simple.

All you need is a company offering a concierge service. Luckey, an expert in the short-term rental market, offers a premium and all-inclusive service, allowing you to leave with peace of mind.

Management of the ad, photos taken by a professional, key collection and check out, cleaning service … everything is taken care of by the concierge service to relieve guests of the weight of rental management! A dream solution for a serene holiday, as much for you as for your tenants …

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