How to File a Worker Compensation Claim in Las Vegas

When you or your loved one is injured at work in Las Vegas, pursuing a compensation claim to cover your losses could be possible. That said, navigating the legal system and seeking compensation benefits might be challenging, especially for first-timers. As such, when faced with the need to file a claim, you should seek the help of an experienced Las Vegas workers’ compensation attorney.

This article outlines the guidelines to help you file a successful worker’s compensation claim in Las Vegas for maximum compensation.

First, you need to report the injury to your employer immediately

You are responsible for informing your employer about the injuries you suffer immediately after they happen. Notifying them of the injury in time is crucial because, in Las Vegas, failure to report the incident within seven days of its occurrence could result in you not getting any compensation for your losses.

These losses could include lost wages and funds spent on medical services like therapy and surgeries.

Second, you must seek medical treatment for your injuries

Immediately after you get injured, you must get medical attention from your physician or one recommended by your employer. Doing so will help identify, treat, and stabilize the effects that the injuries may have on you.

Therefore, before getting treatment, please consult with your employer to seek their approval on the right medical expert for their health insurance carrier.

Third, file a compensation claim

After you have received the appropriate medical treatment for your injuries, it is finally time to file a claim. In Las Vegas, your employer should give you the necessary paperwork to file a worker’s compensation claim. Once you have the documents, respond to the information requested with accurate details concerning the injuries you sustained while at work and any other details that may be required with the help of your attorney.

More importantly, you must file a claim with the Nevada Division of Industrial Relations within ninety days of the accident.

Fourth, do follow-ups on the progress of your claim

After filing your compensation claim with the Nevada Division of Industrial Relations, you must follow up on its progress. To do so, maintain constant communication with your employer and the insurance carrier to understand the progress of the case.

Remember that they must investigate the claim before they can determine whether to accept or deny your compensation claim.

Lastly, seek an appeal for a denied claim

When you are certain that your denied compensation claim is legitimate, you have the legal ground to appeal the decision. Therefore, you have the right to request an audience with the worker’s compensation judge, who will review the details and facts of the case to make the right decision.

After the review, depending on the evidence available about your case, they might approve your compensation or deny it if it does not meet the threshold needed for compensation.

As we have seen, filing a worker’s compensation claim in Las Vegas is an overwhelming process. Even so, it is an important process if you are to be compensated for your losses. Therefore, when you or someone you know intends to file a claim in Las Vegas, they should report the injury or illness immediately after it happens, file the compensation claim, follow up on its progress, and if not successful, seek an appeal for a denied claim.

Since the claim process is long and tiresome, especially when you are unwell and have nursing injuries, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced Las Vegas worker’s compensation attorney to help you recover maximum compensation.

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