How to Determine Whether a Car Title Loan is in Your Best Interest

You can borrow money using different methods. You can also approach various lending entities to get it. If you need cash fast, you should know about the options you have available.

We’ll talk about some of those in the following article. We will go over car title loans in particular. We’ll discuss the basic concept, and we’ll also talk about whether a car title loan or another option makes sense for your particular situation.

What is a Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is possible when you own a vehicle, and it is one of your more valuable assets. You need money, and you want to approach a credit union or bank to borrow it. You may also get money from an online lending entity that exists for this purpose.

You will use your vehicle as collateral to get the loan you need. You can keep the car while you get the money. You don’t need to surrender it, which usually helps, since you likely need that vehicle to get to work, the grocery store, and other places.

You must pay the loan back in a relatively short time. Car title loans operate as short-term loans. Within a few months, on average, you must pay back the money to the lending entity, along with the interest rate they set.

Why Are These Loans Smart?

Car title loans might appeal if you don’t have any other valuable assets, but you need some money fast. For instance, maybe you own a car, but you don’t own a house. You rent an apartment, so you can’t use that as collateral.

You also don’t own any other valuable property you might use as collateral. Car title loans are what those in the lending or financial industries call secured loans. You’re using something you own as collateral, your car, in this case.

You can also set up secured loans with a house, a boat, jewelry, or other valuable property or assets. In every instance, you’re risking that property. The bank or other lending entity you use can collect it if you can’t pay the money back and you default.

These loans often work well for individuals who don’t have the best credit scores. Many times, the lending entity won’t do a hard credit pull to find out your score.

That doesn’t interest them so much, provided you can prove you own your car or whatever else you’re putting up as an insurance policy on their money. Because of their unique structure, car title loans work well for individuals with less-than-great credit.

Should You Use a Car to Get a Loan if You Have Other Assets?

Maybe you have multiple assets available that you own. If so, how can you decide whether putting up the car and getting a title loan makes the most sense for you?

With secured loans, you must apply the same rule that smart gamblers follow. You should never risk what you can’t comfortably lose.

In other words, putting up your car as collateral makes the most sense for individuals who wouldn’t mind losing it if something unexpected occurs and you can’t pay back that money. You don’t want to lose your car, but if something happens and you can’t pay back the cash on time, losing the vehicle will not cause you undue hardship.

The same applies if you put up a house you own or something else that has value. You obviously don’t want to lose that item or property, but if you can’t pay the money back, you can accept losing what you offered to the bank or credit union.

The Best Time for Title Loans

If you’re thinking about setting up a title loan and you have a car in mind, only pursue this option if you feel sure you’ll get the money you need to pay back the loan during the time allotted to do so. That means you should have a steady job when you set up this loan and repayment structure.

You might also set up one of these loans if you don’t have a job at the moment, but you feel confident you’ll get the money on time through other means. Maybe you have a cash windfall coming your way, and you know you’ll get it before the loan comes due.

If you get the loan without a real plan for paying it back, you can lose your car. That’s a poor financial strategy, and hopefully, you’ll know better than to act this way.

Use This Method if You Need Money Badly

You have multiple options to secure funds. For the most part, you won’t want to look into a loan like this unless you need a chunk of cash urgently. You might need it because your residence needs some immediate repairs. Maybe you have some medical bills you must pay, and this seems like the best path forward.

Getting loans like this carries risk. You risk lowering your credit score if you default on the loan, and you also risk the item you put up to get the money, like your car, in this case. Also, if you default on this title loan, future loans aren’t likely. Banks and other lending entities can see you defaulted on one before, and they might not risk lending you money.

If you need money and have other options open to you, those might work better in the long run. Selling something you don’t need might work. You can also look for a better-paying job than you currently have. You might borrow money from a relative or friend. You can liquidate your IRA or 401K if you have one.

Loans can work for you if you can pay them back on time. If you go this route, though, have a plan in place, and understand all the fine print. Otherwise, you might lose the car you risked and also hurt your credit score.

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