How To Cure Hormonal Acne Without Birth Control

Acne is bad, but hormonal acne is even worse.

Why? Not only does hormonal acne wreak havoc on your skin and confidence, it follows you into adulthood, lurking around to appear at the worst of times. Like weddings, birthdays, holidays or graduations etc. These events tend to make us stressed and anxious—ontop of our cycles. Not to mention there is usually a buffet of deliciously unhealthy food. Add in a few photographers to catch your skin at its worst—and que breakout!

It’s like life’s little reminder that we can’t have everything we want. But fortunately for us, we live in the future where research and plant medicine trumps the unfortunate aspects of being human-like pimples, hormones and acne scars.

Clearing skin naturally isn’t just a fad or a myth, anymore. It’s highly achievable, with the right products and knowledge, you can achieve the beautiful skin you have always dreamed of. But first, there are a few things you need to know about hormonal acne.

How can I tell if I have hormonal acne?
There is an ordinary acne and then there is hormonal acne. The difference between the two while small, is noticeable.

Hormonal acne is tied into two key times of your life:
1. Puberty Acne – activated by hormonal changes during puberty.
2. Adult Acne – more often, activated once a month by our cycles, and hormone imbalances. Can also reactivate during menopause.

Key symptoms.

  • Painful, inflamed and cystic. Sore to the touch.
  • Often around the jaw, chin and neck region.
  • Pop up in the same areas, around your cycle.
  • Also occur during stressful times or changes in medications that can affect hormones, like steroids etc.
  • They are much harder to extract, the tend to be deeper and more inflamed than other typical pimples.

Does diet contribute to acne? Yes, but not directly.
While there are only small links between diet and acne, some foods are connected to triggering our hormones. Like white carbs, sweets, and dairys and highly processed foods. Which spike our blood sugar levels, which kicks our hormones into overdrive, creating an influx in stress pimples. The worst part, is that during our cycle, we often crave all the sweetest most unhealthy food. Which makes our acne outbreaks even worse.

Read this blog to learn which foods to avoid.

So, what’s the natural solution to the mini explosions on our face and body?

One of the most common recommendations you will hear from doctors is birth control. Which helps to minimize outbreaks via controlling our cycles and limiting irregular hormones. But, for some people, birth control simply doesn’t work. Some are too forgetful, others feel sick from it and some simply can’t. Whether it is due to a conflicting medication or preference for natural remedies. That brings us to the natural solutions!

Here Are 4 Natural Ways To Reduce Hormonal Acne Breakouts Without Birth Control.

  1. Keep your skin clean, fresh and breathable.

This is a simple but often underestimated way to reduce the buildup of serums and oils. Hormonal acne often builds up over the month, and reach breaking point during our cycles. Because, each day we are exposed to a tonne of different pollution, irritants and products. Be it makeup, sweat, fringes, hats, car fumes, smoke or foods. Without regular cleansing and toning, it can build up and wear out our skin’s natural balance.

2. Don’t pick at or irritate skin.

Did you know one of the most common forms of acne scars is ice-pick acne. It’s the small but deep surface scars that are caused from popping and irritating pimples. The easiest way to prevent prolonged pimple formations, scarring and overall damage? Stop popping them!

Especially hormonal acne, as it is more likely to be deeper and inflamed—making it almost impossible to pop, and far easier to spread below the surface, making it take even longer to disappear and heal.

3. Restrict hormonal triggering foods and drinks.

Another simple but effective way to reduce hormonal outbreaks is to avoid sugary, starchy, processed or dairy based foods. Often when we begin to crave them, is the first sign of a hormonal and gut related imbalance.

This one comes down to a battle of instant gratification vs stoic vision. Would you rather the cheesy, sugary or processed foods or clean, beautiful skin and optimal hormones and health?

As they say, good food = good mood & eat well = live well. So if you can override the instant pleasure for long term health and confidence. You will gain all the long term benefits! Plus, it only takes 7 days of healthy eating for your body and hormones to stabilise and make healthier foods, like fruit and veg, taste more vibrant. As processed, overly sugary and salty foods can cause other foods to taste dull in comparison.

4. Use acne friendly products and skin care regimes.

For some people, the hardest part of skin care is finding the right products and regimen. But often that can lead people to missing vital parts of the skin care routine or using products that counteract the effectiveness of one another.

We recommend doing your research, visiting a dermatologist and finding out more about your individual skin concerns. But if you don’t have the time or money for that, a great alternative is skin care packs that have been carefully formulated to cover every issue and work together in perfect unison.

Our skin care packs are 100% natural, with over 40 plants & mineral based Ingredients specifically chosen for acne prone skin.

✔ Healing scars.
✔ Evening skin tone
✔ Detoxifying the skin.
✔ Balancing oily, combo and dry skin.
✔ Improving the radiance and glow of skin.
✔ Prevents acne build up and fights breakouts.

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