How To Clean Vinyl Siding: DIY-Method Vs Hiring Professionals

There are lots of techniques, methods, and great recommendations on how to clean vinyl siding. Someone prefers to use soapy solutions and cleaning brush, and someone relies on the more intensive washing tactics that include power washing, as sometimes, it won’t be enough to use a brush or sponge. A power washer is a reliable way to remove harmful elements like algae, mildew, dirt, and debris that can be captured under the cladding, destroying it from the inside. Thus, every homeowner can improve the curb appeal and increase resale value, refreshing siding look and making it brand new. UBrothers Construction, as professional home renovation installers, suggests to pressure wash your siding once or twice a year, especially light-colored cladding. Otherwise, vinyl can lose its properties, become less energy efficient, and impact the comfort of your life.

But choosing a pressure washing procedure for your residence, you need to be extremely careful because, in comparison with wooden or aluminum siding, vinyl is a more fragile type of material that can be easily damaged. That’s why if you are in the do-it-yourself community, first of all, you must evaluate all pros and cons of DIY strategy and think maybe it will be a wiser decision to hire professionals. What are the advantages of cooperation with experts in outdoor cleaning:

  • safety and very small chances of injuries and hazardous outcomes;
  • saving time as usually, a DIY approach is more time-consuming;
  • expertise of workers that allows to competently apply a machine and adjust the level of pressure depending on the surface;
  • applying the right equipment and a solution intended for pressure washing.

Investing in the right pressure washing services for your horizontal or vertical siding, you don’t need to risk your life and your property. But it is more expensive to hire people for this task every year, as a one-time purchase of a washer or its renting will be less costly.

DIY tips on how to clean vinyl siding

Choosing this path, you take full control over the process, and it is you who is responsible for the successful outcome. But if you want to take up this task yourself, then you must be fully prepared. You must decide will you buy a machine or rent it, pick the right day with appropriate weather conditions, invest in protective wearing, goggles, shoes. Before you start, make sure you have prepared the area, cover all outdoor objects that shouldn’t be sprayed as well as electrical outlets and plants. It’s great if you have some experience in power washing. But, generally, it is not so complicated to use it. However, it is vital to do it correctly, following all the instructions and meeting safety standards to avoid incidence.

Providing regular maintenance of your siding, you ensure its longevity and enhance the visual appearance. However, even the best-maintained vinyl siding due to time and exposure to elements and weather needs to be repaired or replaced. If you are in search of a trustworthy siding Norfolk home remodeling company, consider cooperation with UBrothers Construction. The team of experts offers vinyl siding replacement as well as doors, windows, roof and roofing accessories installation.

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