How to choose the right photocopier?

However even with the advent of email, some documents have to be printed out, there’s no avoiding that. And when you need any document in bulk a good photocopier is the way to go. But how can you choose the right model in a sea of options? Stick with us and find out.

There’s a reason why certain brands stand out

When we think about the top brands of photocopiers in Singapore we see a mix of international and local brands like Canon, Xerox, and Bizhub. But is reputation good enough reason to make a purchase?

In all honesty, you should never purchase blindly based on brand alone, but this might not be due to the reason you are thinking. The above brands are first and foremost a standard in quality, that’s why they are popular and sell well. But a brand and specifications are very different things. So you could end up buying a great photocopier that isn’t designed for the task you have at hand.

Refining your search

Looking at the top brands is a good way to start your search, but you need to refine it further. What are the main tasks you need your copier for? Do you need digital printing or is injection enough? What about color? What is the expected workload for your new machine?

You need to answer these questions clearly to find out what’s the right photocopier for you. There’s a huge difference between the specifications you need for cheap photocopying in bulk, versus high-quality copies in color. Manufacturers list specifications for all of their models online, but they’ll only make sense if you are sure what you need your copier to do.

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