How to Choose the Right Mobile Data Plan in Singapore

Even the cheapest mobile data plans have at least 20 GB of data. It may not seem a lot but for most people in Singapore, that is enough to get by. Depending on how you use your smartphone, you may need more than that. What most users end up doing is to lock themselves up into 24-month contracts, paying for much more data than they need. Saving a couple of hundreds of dollars each year may not be life-changing but that does not mean you should not be mindful about your hard-earned money. There are a few questions that you should first answer to understand what mobile data plans are better suited for you.

How Much Data Are You Currently Getting?

You first need to look at how much data you are getting on your current plan. If you are having a modest monthly bill for your subscription, you should not expect a lot of data to be included. What you can do is to try to negotiate a better plan with your current carrier.

When you have only a few GB of data included, you tend to adapt and use less data. You may not feel as if you are constrained in any way but you develop habits such as always being concerned about connecting to a wifi network to save data, avoid streaming videos, etc. These are habits that you develop when you have very little data included in your plan.

How Much Data Do You Need?

A good practice would be to estimate how much data you need in reality. To do this, you will need an app that monitors all data traffic regardless if it is over 3G, 4G, 5G, or wifi. After a month of usage, you should get a clear picture of how much you need in reality. Armed with that knowledge, you can judge for yourself which mobile data plans are better suited for your needs.

Once you have an estimation of how much data you need, add 20% and that should be the kind of plan you should upgrade to. You need a bit of safety margin just to ensure that you never worry about your data usage and you always pay for just enough.

Are Plans With Rollover Traffic Worth It?

You will notice that some mobile data plans have a rollover feature. What this means is that any unused traffic from one month is transferred to the next. When the next month starts, you will first use the traffic left from the previous month before using the traffic allocated to the current month. Traffic unused from the previous month that is rolled over to the current month and is again not used will expire at the beginning of the next month.

Rollover traffic can be useful but not all mobile data plans offer this feature. In some cases, you may even notice that these plans are a bit more expensive. It may not be worth it to limit your search to just plans that have rollover traffic as you may be missing out on other great deals on new subscriptions.

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