How to choose the right lawyer

At one point in life, you will need a lawyer. The question is, where do you start? After getting the lawyer, how will you know he is the perfect fit for the task ahead? The best way to get a good attorney is through friends and family recommendations. If you can get a person going through the same legal issues, ask them for advice. If you can’t get through a friend or family member, this article is here for you. It will serve you with the best tips to help you choose a good lawyer from the family lawyers Melbourne.

Field of expertise

Theoretically, a good lawyer can take any case and win. It’s not a guarantee nowadays since many lawyers specialize in a few areas. They narrow down to specific areas and build their expertise in those areas. Don’t expect a real estate lawyer who helped you win or buy a new house to help you win a divorce case. Choose lawyers depending on their areas of expertise. They will provide better guidance, knowledge, and counsel for your case.


Take time and watch Suits, a TV movie. You will see a fantastic lawyer in the protagonists who did not have a license to practice law. Though it’s a TV movie, it runs into real-life situations with a sad spoilt end.

It’s risky to choose an unqualified attorney to represent you in a case. Such a risky step can jeopardize your whole struggle. Check whether the legal professional you need to hire has a recognized license. Check if there are any disciplinary orders filed against the professional you want. Doesn’t this lawyer have any malpractice insurance? You can get such information from the state bar website. It lists all licensed lawyers with their reputation and history.


The knowledge gained in a law school isn’t vast enough. You can’t compare it to the one gained after a long period of practicing law in the courtroom. The long-standing attorneys are likely to give out fruitful advice. They will educate you on certain legal steps’ consequences and potential risks. Their long stay in courtrooms helps them overcome complex procedures.

Remember, more experienced lawyers are more expensive than the newbies in the field. At times, you may get fresh lawyers being more enthusiastic than old ones. Go for the fresh ones if you don’t want detailed guidance to get through a complicated procedure. They are cheap, flexible, and available.

Billing and price of the lawyer

The cost of service depends on many factors discussed in this article. They include the firm’s reputation and size, among others. The complexity of your case will also affect the cost to incur. If your case isn’t more intricate, choose a less experienced lawyer. They are more affordable to save money.

The billing transparency is also vital here. You need to get an honest, appropriate, and clear fee structure for the service.

Most lawyers will advertise low flat fees but include extra charges. The extra charges can be the court filing and printing documents. In any of these two cases, make sure everything is clear from the start.

Proximity and availability

Due to technological advancements, many business transactions are online. You can use emails or mobile phones, among other avenues. You should take time to meet with your lawyer once in a while, depending on your case complexity. It’s the reason why you need the lawyer to be at a location you can get to them without much trouble.

Your attorney also needs time to attend to your case proceedings whenever needed. You need to check the lawyers’ case diary to see their availability and how busy they are on other court errands.

Communication and comfort

Apart from paying attention to the financial factors and professional credentials, be compatible. The two of you should have two-way and honest communication. Such communication is vital for emotionally difficult cases like custody lawsuits or divorce. Feel comfortable before this stranger and share your doubts and fears. Get a lawyer who can inspire trust and respect. They will sometimes have to tell you something you won’t like but works for your benefit.

Region and religion

Lawyers familiar with your region and religion are great. They will better know the local laws and procedures. The attorney will also know the local administrative and judicial cases. Understanding the cultural aspect is vital in some instances, like defamation cases.


You need time to select a lawyer you can use for your case. The first choice you made will not be the last one. Don’t be quick to choose the first name you meet to represent you in a courtroom. Check all the above factors and take time to decide who will work for your interest and fits within your budget.

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