How to Choose the Right Basement Waterproofing Method?

Spring is always known for bringing happiness but may turn into a headache when it rains heavily and a basement is flooded. Canadian Midwest and east coast has been reported to have intense rainfall season due to which, the homes are prone to flooding as this leads to serious conditions when water level is dangerously high and increases the chances of entering the homes.

Yes, this flood water has to be stored somewhere or either absorbed into the ground. But, what if the basement leaks and starts to deteriorate over time? Obviously, there is a serious need of working on basement waterproofing as it’s the only method to get rid of all potential damages.

There are a lot of waterproofing companies that receive hundreds of concerned calls every day, complaining about how water is bringing destruction to the homes. Many expect the companies to use closed cell spray foam because of its instant water controlling ability but, what they do not understand is that its use can lead to more serious and bigger problems in the long run.

If someone isn’t clear about why not to use spray foam and why it doesn’t provide satisfactory fixing, below are some key points to look into:

Can Foundation Leaks and Basement Water Leaks be fixed by Spray Foam?

Most of the homeowners rely upon closed cell spray foam to restrict water from entering and damaging the home. But, ever thought why things are not coming as they are expected? While the spray foam can keep out water but, it isn’t a long term solution because there is no way for it to magically dissipate or disappear.

No one can deny from the fact that closed cell is resistant to water and therefore, it can work for many projects but, basement waterproofing is a completely different thing that it cannot handle. Water finds a way to seep into the basement and it soon begins a process of deterioration by causing cracks initially. Basically, it pools behind the foam and exerts pressure to create another route for invasion. So, if a homeowner doesn’t pay attention to what can go wrong with the leakage, then chances are high water will leak into other areas and the foam would hide it.

The bad time will start with wood rotting and would extend to affecting the home’s foundation. Therefore, make sure that water doesn’t pool around the corners and edges of the foundation because it may lead to shifting, cracking and settling of the foundation as it will lose its solid feature. In short, closed cell spray foam couldn’t work on foundation and basement leaks.

Leak Repair

In case the foundation or basement starts to leak, there are a lot of measures that owners have to decide with respect to their home’s needs.

From total encapsulation to spray sealants, homeowners can choose any method to fix the problem. The rule of thumb is to call an experienced basement waterproofing Toronto company that specializes in the respective field. This way, owners don’t have to go anywhere and waste money on one method or another.

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