How to Choose the Best Food Supplement for Complete Detox

The age-old adage “You are what you eat” has never been truer for your immune system. In other words, your immune system is as good as the fuel it gets. If you fill your body with harmful substances like alcohol, trans-fats, high sodium foods, and cigarette smoke, your immunity will have a hard time fighting the infections.

This is why it is necessary to cleanse it once in a while. When you remove the harmful toxins from your body, you are giving it a detox. There are different detox regimes for cleansing other parts of your body.

You can change your diet for cleansing, but the change won’t be as significant as what you would get from supplements. For example, Dynamic Detox is one such supplement that helps you cleanse multiple organs. Now, let’s look at how you can detox your body and the organs that will benefit from the same.

If you Use Juice

If you have a diet where fruits and vegetables aren’t the main items, then a juice cleanse is right for you as it contains the necessary antioxidants that you would otherwise have with a fiber-rich diet. But should you go for fruit juices or vegetable juices?

Well, the answer is vegetable juices. Fruits contain sugar, but the amount of sugar in raw fruits is not dangerous to health. When fruit is consumed as juice, you take in significantly more sugar than you would from just eating the fruit.

Furthermore, the juices sold in the market are usually low-pulp, which makes them low in fiber. Essentially you are only consuming a tall glass of sugar. So stick with vegetable juices.

If you Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a product obtained from fermenting crushed apples. It is another popular form of cleansing and works effectively on your gut and contains nutrients like Vitamin B1, B2, and B6. It has minerals such as potassium, iron, and magnesium. It also contains antioxidants like polyphenols. This combination is instrumental in supporting your skin and hair.

This is why apple cider vinegar is a star feature in most home remedies you can find online. In the medical community, apple cider vinegar has been proven to help with weight loss, blood sugar regulation, reduction of acid reflux symptoms, and boosting heart health.

If You Want To Cleanse and Detox Your Liver

Cleansing your liver was the initial and primary objective of detoxifying regimes. The reason behind this is quite simple. Your liver is the primary detox organ of your body. It removes toxic chemicals from your system and converts nutrients from food into the usable matter. This is why the liver is known as the body’s laboratory.

Our liver is in constant overdrive due to our consumption of fatty foods and harmful substances. This is why it is essential to detox the liver every once in a while. To detox, your liver, you should generally lay off processed foods, added sugars, alcohol, etc., and substitute them with fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you want to explore supplements, look for supplements containing turmeric, dandelion root, or milk thistle, as all these substances are known to have liver cleansing properties.

If You Want To Use Supplements and Herbs

Supplements and dried herbs are becoming the main craze behind simple and effective detoxification regimes. The best thing about detox supplements like Dynamic Detox is that they can be used for focused cleansing eliminating the need to overhaul your lifestyle completely. They can come in many forms, including but not limited to capsules, powders, chocolates, and liquids.

As mentioned earlier, milk thistle and dandelion root are excellent cleansers for your liver. Vitamin C supplements are effective at removing most toxins in your body. Activated charcoal is one of the oldest supplements used for absorbing unwanted substances in the body and excreting the dangerous toxins.

The Outlook

Detoxing your body is not just a way to temporarily clean it out but also to give your body some time to regenerate and get back in fighting condition. Due to our hectic lifestyles, we have been relegated to eating foods rich in sodium and drinking liquids abundant in sugar. The taking of unhealthy substances like alcohol and tobacco has only added to the losing battle our body fights every day.

It is not easy to make a u-turn with your lifestyle on a whim. Detoxifying supplements can help you start that journey by fixing your body one step at a time. If you are worried about taking too many supplements, then there’s a solution for that also. Supplements like Dynamic Detox are excellent in handling multiple body issues simultaneously.

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