Big Family Trip: How to Choose the Best 7-Seater SUV?

The modern automobile industry produces cars taking into consideration the very diverse tastes of car owners. Almost all brands can find any model: from a mini-car to a van.

Usually, a car is chosen not only because of price and status, but also because of the purpose of use. For example, spacious 7-seater SUVs are suitable for family trips, so many travelers with children prefer this car. It has a spacious interior, while its off-road performance makes it possible to move along country roads.

In the modern market you can find such cars of any price category. They will differ depending on the manufacturer and equipment. Also, you’ll be able to pick up 7 seater suv hire in Sydney, Miami, Barcelona or anywhere else in the world. Among the most popular models are the following cars…

Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

An updated version of the popular model from the Korean manufacturer looks great. The main difference from the previous version is just a 7-seater interior. The car has a fairly fresh and attractive design, which is one of the key factors why customers make the choice in favor of this car.

The car has an elongated body and a roomy trunk, the volume of which can be increased by folding the seats of the third row. On the second row, the seats are divided to provide more passenger comfort. There are different colors for the interior. Grand Santa Fe is equipped with an automatic transmission, and a 3.3-liter V6 engine that produces 270 hps of power.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

7-seat Japanese SUV is considered to be a classic car. However, the manufacturer himself relates the car to crossovers, so it’s possible in this segment. Prado has a defiant, stylish and presentable appearance, which attracts drivers.

The 7-seat ‘brother’ has few differences from the classic Toyota Land Cruiser. At first, the manufacturer had to slightly change the back of the model to install comfortable passenger seats. Secondly, since 2014, all Prado cars come with already tinted rear windows. Thirdly, the suspension is slightly modified.

Audi Q7

This 7-seater crossover features an elegant, stylish and recognizable design from Audi. This is a premium car, one photo of which can cause the driver an irresistible desire to buy it. This SUV has excellent quality, powerful engine and a huge number of different settings in the cabin. For example, 3-zone climate control is already available in the basic version.

Despite the impressive characteristics, this 7-seater is not included in the ranking of the best-selling cars. The fact is that not every buyer is willing to pay such a price. Of course, the Audi Q7 has its own connoisseurs who prefer just such an amazing combination of elegant appearance and rich filling.

Chevrolet Captiva

The design if the model is devoid of angularity – the body lines are very smooth. The SUV received fairly efficient engines. The salon is equipped with a huge amount of different electrical equipment including touch control. For example, there’s a touch direction indicator, automatic light control, as well as electric seat control.

The seats have several tuning modes, so there will be no problems for the driver of any to adjust them. In the back row 3 passengers easily fit. If you need to carry bulky cargo – the rear seats are easy to fold.

Ford Explorer

Explorer is one of the most economical cars in our list. Ford’s appetite is not more than 8.8 liters per 100km, which is due to the variable valve timing system. The car’s power unit is presented with a relatively new 294-hps V6 engine with the volume of 3.5 liters and 345 Nm of torque. It works in conjunction with a six-speed automatic gearbox, distributing forces on both axes.

The combination of motor and transmission leaves no questions. Likewise, there are no complaints about ergonomics and driving characteristics. Compared with the previous generation of the car, the latest Explorer received a retuned suspension, more efficient braking mechanisms and quite informative steering. Three LCD displays of the multimedia complex, which can be controlled by voice commands, are pleasing to the eye in the interior.

Nissan Pathfinder

This Japanese vehicle has in its arsenal an all-wheel drive system with a reduced number of gears, a 190-hps 2.5-liter diesel engine, consuming an average of about 9 liters/100 km. As for the other features, Nissan boasts of a leather interior, ventilated front seats and heated steering wheel. There is plenty of space in the back row of seats – the knees of a tall passenger won’t reach the back of the front seat. The cargo compartment capacity is also great – 455 liters.

Among the features of the functionality, it’s worth noting the presence of cruise control, a dual-zone climate control, multimedia system with two displays and the ability to connect mobile devices. Vehicle safety is ensured by the assistants – they are responsible for emergency braking, dynamic stabilization, as well as side and front airbags.

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