How to Choose Floor Tiles for a Living Room

Tiles are one of the most popular flooring solutions for contemporary living spaces. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs that easily blend in with the décor of your house, tiles can be a stylish way to add personality to your living room. Strong, durable, easy to maintain and clean, non-allergenic natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles are also the perfect surface for underfloor heating and will keep your living room snug. But which tiles are the best for your living room floor? Here are some important things you should consider when choosing tiles for your home interior.

Tile size

Contemporary tiles are available in a wide range of sizes that can impact the overall appearance of a room, producing a different aesthetic. Smaller tiles are good for creating a vintage look in a compact space, and large tiles are perfect for contemporary or industrial-style rooms.

Large-format tiles are preferable for a living room as they lend a more spacious look to any space and will make it feel more open and airy. Besides, large-format tiles will give your space a neat and sophisticated look. Still, smaller plank tiles are also a good option as they are classic, and if you want to make a bold statement, you can install tiles with a distinctive geometric pattern, for example, herringbone pattern tile.


You can choose the color for your tile flooring according to your preferences. Still, you should also take into account that the colors of an environment can affect the human subconscious, so it’s best to avoid extremes. It’s vital to create an inviting atmosphere where everyone will feel comfortable. Besides, you should match the living room floor tile color according to the design of the furnishings and the overall style of home decoration.

For a spacious living room, it’s best to choose warm color tiles, like beige, brown, amber, coffee, and orange. They will create a friendly, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere. If your living room has poor lighting, you may also consider cold color tiles, such as gray-mint, turquoise, and smoky-blue, which can enlarge the visual effect of the space. Gray color tiles are also a common choice as they can make your space more elegant and will help create an artistic atmosphere. Black floor tile is the perfect option to embellish the modern interior and make a living room more decorative and sophisticated.

Durability and maintenance

Since the living room floor is a high-traffic area and is often exposed to spills, durability is an important aspect to consider. If you are on a budget, consider installing ceramic or porcelain tile that is highly durable, scratch and moisture resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. You can just regularly mop them with a mild detergent suitable for floor tiles. And if luxury and durability are your top priorities, consider natural stone tiles. But you should keep in mind that such tiles are porous and need to be regularly sealed to remain resistant to stains and maintain their appearance and durability.

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