How to Choose an Online Printing Provider

Digital solutions have introduced a higher level of convenience to the internet generation, especially for businesses. With online vendors and outsourcing becoming mainstream down under, why not add self-publishing to the pile? Today, businesses generally require a considerable amount of materials and projects in prints, ranging from stationery items to booklets, business cards, signage, packaging, etc. However, most small businesses can neither afford the services of physical print shops nor invest in expensive printing equipment and material. Some businesses forfeit their visual branding projects simply because they can’t find the time to shift from their core activities. 

In such situations, online printing providers come in handy, providing a cost-effective alternative for Australian startups, professional services, restaurants, schools, and large corporations from different industries. With dedicated graphic design teams, design-ready templates, and versatile offerings, businesses can quickly cultivate brand recognition. However, not all online printing companies are the same in terms of value offerings, price, quality of products, and customer service. Choosing the right provider demands thorough research and considerations. 

In this post, we aim to guide users in what to look for in online printing providers to ensure they receive professional end products and high-quality services.

Choosing an Online Printing Provider – 6 Things to Consider

Cost Comparison

Self-publication can potentially help you save money. However, you still need to manage your expenditures and set a budget for your print requirements. With a budget, you should compare the costs between different online printing services in Australia. While looking at product and design costs, don’t forget to consider other aspects, such as the cost of shipping, delivery, and hidden service fees, etc. Depending on the provider, you can request a free quote or sample by contacting their customer service teams. 

Quality of Work

Undeniably, costs are important. However, the last thing you need is to waste your money on sub-par quality products, even if you were looking for cheap providers. To ensure this doesn’t happen, check out the provider’s portfolio, testimonial page, and satisfaction guarantee. Secondly, you should ask about the printing equipment the company is using in each department to get an idea of the quality to expect. Furthermore, cheaper companies might not have the expertise or experience to get the best results and will be more prone to errors and delays. 

Customer Service

In many cases, the level of customer service is an indicator of what to expect from a company and whether it can be trusted. A reputable service in the digital era should not only be available 24/7/365 but also listen to your brief and communicate frequently regarding your project. Professional service providers offer progress reports, realistic timelines, and detailed execution plans to match your expectations. 


Not every company is the same in terms of value offerings. Some specialize in business cards, flyers, and booklets, while others specialize in stationery items, packaging, signage, etc. Only a handful of online printing providers offer an all-rounded service with expertise and experience in every design department. So, you should check beforehand if they can deliver what you’re looking for. You can ask for samples before hiring a particular service to determine if they’re worth the investment. The samples will also allow you to check for printing errors. The last thing you need is to print 10,000 copies with typos or inconsistent colour combinations. 

Online Reputation

All online printing companies promise excellent products and customer services on their websites, which can make choosing the right one more difficult and confusing. The best way to speed up the decision-making process is to check out their online reputation, especially on social media. Most providers are available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, etc., so you should look for reviews to get an idea of what customers think of them. The logic is simple – a company with positive reviews is considered reliable, credible, and trustworthy. 


Most small businesses don’t generally require thousands of business cards, booklets, or other printed items. Unless you’re specifically looking to place a large order, you shouldn’t give in to the demands of companies offering fixed (usually large) minimum amount of copies. Look for companies that promote custom and flexible orders so you only get the amount you need. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the decision rests upon your shoulders and what you think and feel is best for your company. Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, take your time to think about the online printing provider you want to choose to ensure you get the best return on investment. There are hundreds of companies out there that promise stellar services, but not all of them can deliver. 

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