How to choose a sofa for your living room?

Choosing a suitable sofa for the living room is not easy because it requires a perfect combination between style, color, material of sofa and the house space as well as the standard of the owner’s beauty. Our experts from Noithatkenli think that sofa can be considered as the center of the living room. Therefore, it plays a very important role in the entire space of the house… So, how can we choose a suitable sofa? Join us in more detail in the article below.

Important criteria that you need to know when choosing a sofa

These criteria are very important and contribute a great part to the beauty of the house. Therefore, you need to know and weigh between these criteria in order to choose sofa correct.

Consider the following criteria to choose the sofa correctly

Sofa placement

Before buying a sofa for the living room, you need to determine in advance where you want to order the sofa. You can put the sofa close to the wall or in the center of the living room. Depending on the location, you can choose the most fitable sofa. If you want to put the sofa at the corner and close to the wall, refer to the L-shaped sofa or straight sofa to save space. If you want to put a sofa in the middle of the room, refer to the sofa with legs or sofa with round table.

Size of Sofa

Size is one of the factors that you need to consider deeply when choosing a sofa for the living room. For different sizes, you will need to measure and calculate the accurate size to choose the fit size.

For small living rooms, you should choose a sofa with a simple design, small size to save space. L-shaped corner sofa, straight sofa will be the best choice.

In contrast, the large living room will fit many sofa designs. We think you can choose sofa for large living room easily.

Design of Sofa

Depending on the area, living room space, sofa placement, you should choose different Sofa designs. You can refer to some types of sofas for living room that are commonly used today such as: L-shaped corner sofa, Straight Sofa, Daybed Sofa, U-shaped Corner Sofa, Single Sofa…

Colors of the sofa will be able to change the beauty of the house quickly

Colors of the sofa

Most homeowners prefer sofas with elegant colors, single colors like nude, blue, gray, black… or sofas with textures but light and small. Some people who prefer a more individuality style can choose colorful, textured sofas. However, this should be considered. Because, the sofa you choose can accidentally make the house worse and more cumbersome. And the sofa is not as beautiful and luxurious as its original beauty.

Material of sofa

Currently, there are 4 commonly materials. They are leather, fabric, felt and wood. Each type of material has different advantages and disadvantages.

Leather sofa

Sofa made from leather is always luxurious, noble, durable due to waterproof. Normally, people use two main types of leather: genuine leather and industrial leather. Accordingly, industrial leather is cheaper, less durable, but the color is brighter and more diverse.

Sofas made from leather are luxurious but usually do not have much texture

However, sofas made from leather has only a color or has simply colors, often without unique patterns. This can be considered a small disadvantage of leather sofa if the owner wants to create different details and break out something normal for the house.

Fabric sofa

Sofa made from fabrics is diverse in color, design. When buying a beautiful home, you can choose burlap, coarse, velvet sofa in the home decoration process. Because of the diversity in styles and prices, fabric sofas can be suitable for many customers.

However, fabric sofas are easy to get dirty, absorbent and dust. So, we need to clean regularly. If you choose a non-removable sofa cover, users will encounter many embarrassing cases. You can completely overcome that if you like this material sofa.

You should only choose felt sofa when being in a cool place

Felt sofa

Besides leather and fabric, felt is also a material many homeowners prefer. Characteristics of this material is soft and smooth. There are many beautiful sofa designs. They give users a cozy feeling when being in the home.

However, similar to sofas made from fabric, sofas made from felt are also easy to absorb water, quickly dirty and dust very much. With hot and humid weather, felt sofa is not really suitable because it makes the atmosphere become stuffy, hot.

Wood sofa

Combining perfectly with most indoor furniture, sofa made from wood is an ideal choice. Sofa made from wood has a beautiful and durable design. They bring a sense of comfort to users and fit a lot of space. Previously the sofa made from wood are fairly simple.

Today, manufacturers overcame this problem by using soft curves or combining it with other materials such as sofa cushions and pillows. Wooden sofa owns full of advantages such as beautiful design, high durability, suitable for many interior spaces. However, for families with young children, you should be careful because they can be dangerous to children when they are playing.

Suggest type of sofa for each living room

If you are looking for sofa for a living room, check out some suggestions below.

Our suggestions will certainly be helpful to you

Sofa for small living room

This type of living room is a typical point of families living in crowded urban areas. Small acreage is the most prominent feature of this space. Therefore, in this case, the homeowner should prefer the small size sofa, felt or leather material with simple and sophisticated decoration. You should not choose the model sofa is bright or too picky. Along with that, you should combine the sofa with a cupboard and a small tea table to create a sense of comfort, minimize the feeling of heaviness and mystery for an already narrow space.

Sofa for modern living room apartment

With apartments, most of the living room will be designed in a modern style. This type of living room is also quite small area. However, because they are often combined with the kitchen and dining room to become a common living space, in the overall living room of the apartment will be quite spacious and comfortable.

There are many models sofa that you can choose for apartments

To choose a sofa for the living room of modern apartments, we need to pay attention to the following factors:

– Sofa should have a minimalist, modern beauty. You can choose the surface of sofa is made from felt fabric. The design is slightly and can relate to the scandinavian style.

– You should pay attention to the convenience and performance of the sofa. Products not only need to have a harmonious shape but also need to have enough impression to be a highlight for the whole room.

Sofa for Neo Classic living room

The living room in particular and the whole space of neo classic villas in general tend to be luxurious and classy. In this case, the sofa should be unique, sophisticated. You should prioritize the bold colors and premium materials such as genuine leather, felt wood, high-class velvet…

Our sharing will be very helpful to you. If you are wondering and do not know how to choose a sofa, let Kenli help you. Everything is so simple. You will have a perfect living room thanks to our help!

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