How To Check Your Furniture Quality

Our apartments can not be imagined without cabinets, beds, dressers and tables. Today you can buy all kinds of furniture from different manufacturers and from different materials, but the desire of buyers to buy quality furniture made of good material and at a minimum price remains unchanged. To be able to realize this desire, you need to know how to determine the quality of furniture at the stage of its purchase.

Very often people orientate themselves in quality, based on the price. But this is not always true, because even the most expensive furniture sometimes falls apart very quickly or worse, causes allergic reactions due to chemical materials used to produce the frame and its gluing.

To insure yourself at least a little against the purchase of poor quality furniture, choose those items for which the manufacturer gives a guarantee. Also for quality furniture must be a certificate of compliance with GOST standards. When choosing quality furniture, you must pay special attention to the frame. Components of good furniture are not connected by screws, they must have grooves that are inserted into each other and thus ensure the bond, such cabinets and sofas will not dry up and wobble over time. Also quality furniture is made of solid wood, which has no knots and traces of vermin. But wooden furniture is very expensive, so very often wood is replaced by chipboard. In this case, the thickness of the chipboard should be at least 18 mm. Also, all joints of the frame parts should be very tight, and the edge should not split if you pick up the top layer with your nail.

If you want to buy upholstered furniture, you should check the quality of the upholstery and filler. The foam must be of very high quality so that it will not sell out over time. This is especially important for sofas and chairs. The upholstery is the first thing that catches the eye, so it should be of a high level, easy to clean and not to wipe.

In order not to harm your health, you should not buy furniture, which includes chipboard with formaldehyde content. Usually, the air in the rooms with poor quality furniture is very heavy and can cause a disease such as asthma.

In the end, we would like to present you the main factors to check the quality of furniture:

  • Of course, the material from which the furniture is made is important. Natural wood, MDF, LDF, metal, glass – all these are the materials from which furniture is made in the modern world and Palm Beach Premier Remodeling use. Natural materials will cost more than natural ones, but this should not affect the quality of the manufactured furniture. Except for the durability. Do not forget to look at the certificates.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the material coating. Paper coating or durable film? What is the veneer quality? What is the thickness of the board? The board from which the cabinet is made should be 18 mm thick or thicker. If its thickness is 16 mm, then we can talk about lower quality and durability.
  • On all outer ends of the furniture should be an edge of 2 mm. Unless the furniture is covered with veneer or finished with plastic or aluminum edging. You should also look at all the seams – how carefully everything is done, whether the glue does not protrude, etc.
  • Examine the saws on curved elements. Poor quality, as often as a sign that the furniture was not made at the factory, and in some barn, there are chips at right angles.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the fittings. Solid manufacturers often have a brand mark on handles, hinges and other elements. And all fittings are of quite high quality.
  • Consider the fasteners, whose elements should be hidden from our view. Practically unacceptable in quality furniture – this is a visible fixing parts. Plastic corners in the form of fasteners also speak of poor quality.
  • Doors should also be objects of our attention. Today is often used frame doors made of MDF profile. Choosing furniture with such doors look at the color matching the basic material of the cabinet and the frame. Look inside and look at the doors from the inside out: metal screw caps indicate high quality, plastic wedges – it’s a little worse, and if there is nothing, it’s bad.
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