How to buy the best Basketball Shoes?

Before you decide any of the shoe designs for you to play basketball, you first need to understand you’re playing style and the sizing of your feet so that you may get the perfect shoes for you. Athletes always want to keep their feet comfortable, and once you know regarding your playing prowess, you can get the most comfortable shoes for You can go to sootheyourfeet for more info about choosing the right shoe for the occasion you. Following mentioned are some of the necessary things for you to know to have the best basketball shoes for flat feet:


The main thing which is essential in the selection of the right shoes for basketball is to understand the anatomy of the boots:

  1. The upper

The upper portion of the basketball is for three heights. You need to know first which type of top height you want for your basketball shoes. Following mentioned are the three heights for upper.

  • High

In this height, the upper of the shoe wraps around the ankle, and this layer provides stability and support to feet. These shoes have extra weight too.

  • Mid

Mid styled basketball shoes are the ones that are suitable for the players who want a medium leveled ankle support during the game. The upper material in mid-top shoes provides essential support to the ankle as they mostly have an enclosing design, which enhances the flexibility of the shoes.

  • Low

Low top basketball shoes are those designed for better agility and speed. They are also known as low profile shoes as they have no additional ankle support.

  1. Upper security

Different closure techniques are present in different basketball shoe types. Laces are the most popular and liked ones.

Other than the laces types, you can also get the basketball shoes with hooks and loops, straps, or directly with zippers. You can select any of them based on your comfort and ease.

  1. Midsole

The midsole of a basketball shoe are the cushioning part of the shoes. It is one of the essential elements of a shoe to impact its performance. Mainly, the midsole of the basketball shoes are made with foams and specially EVAS, which keep the shoe lightweight and enhance the cushioning in it.

  1. Outsole

The outsole of a basketball shoe is that mostly made of synthetic materials and rubber. Usually, the outsole is the traction point in any shoes. While you are searching for the perfect basketball shoes for you, it’d better select the shoes that are flat and have a full outsole so that you can keep your feet balanced while playing.

Almost all the styles and categories of basketball shoes are the ones made with their indoor usage in mind. For outdoor usage, select the shoes with hard designs and structure so that they can be more reliable and comfortable. Thicker sole shoes with a better and durable outsole are better for playing on hard surfaces.

  1. Position

For shooting guards, there are particular kinds of basketball shoes. Similarly, all the positions in the game have their requirements, so select your shoes accordingly:

  • All-rounder

Middle ground shoes with excellent and high-quality materials are perfect to be used by the all-round players in the game. Mid-top basketball shoes are generally demanded by such type of players as they are flexible and provide a good game experience to the hybrid players.

  • Forwards

Forwards game position in basketball requires fast and quick movements in the basketball court. Low top shoes are favorable to be used for this position in the game.

  • Guards

It is a position of fast changes in which your ankles would need protection and support. So you must have low top shoes for such situations.

  1. Aesthetics

While it’s about the selection of the right pair of shoes for basketball, not only the durability and the comfort level of shoe matter; instead, you also need to take the design of the shoes into consideration. Search for shoes that help you in making a statement.

Select color schemes are designs that are bold and apparent. Select the supreme designer clothes and shoes which make you look stand out and show you unique from all the other players present on the court. You can even get inspired by the shoes from your signature models.

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