How To Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

There are plenty of ways to bring artificial lighting into your home. However, nothing ever feels as good as having warm sunshine spreading across your face. Natural sunlight is also great for saving on electricity bills and enhancing your health. Many Santa Barbara interior design experts have noticed a surge of new homeowners wanting natural light in their new abodes. Fortunately for you current owners, new coastal home interior design trends allow for ample ways to get sunshine into your home.

Install Bigger Windows or Doors

If you have already thought about installing new windows or doors, then it is the ideal time to consider getting them larger than before. Naturally, a larger window will allow for more sunlight to come in. Bay or bow windows are best if you want to greatest impact possible. Additionally, you do not want to overlook your doors. Swapping out an old back door for a new sliding glass door can really make the room pop. You just need to make sure you get some curtains or blinds for when you want a little privacy.

Utilize Glass Blocks in the Wall Space

Homeowners who want to bring an Art Deco aesthetic into their homes should try glass blocks. These are ideal in the bathroom as they bring out a different color and texture. Do not worry. Glass blocks will not compromise on privacy. Sunlight still manages to get inside your home, but people will not be able to look inside. Make sure to ask about them the next time you think to yourself, “How can an interior designer near me help?”

Incorporate Skylights

Skylights are a unique option to bring more light into your house. You can get them in a variety of configurations and sizes. They are best suited for rooms that get a lot of traffic, such as family rooms or bathrooms. You certainly want to make sure you hire an expert for this kind of work because it does entail cutting a hole in your roofing, which could lead to leaking if done improperly. Skylights pour light into a room, and when a full moon is out, you may just get a little extra light as well.

Add Mirror or Shiny Objects

Many homeowners have mirrors to make a room look bigger. However, you can also use mirrors to reflect light to bring more brightness into a room. If you do not want too many mirrors around, then you can also think about putting up furniture with chrome accents, silver photo frames, decorative nickel cabinet pulls or metallic light fixtures. All of these items will help move sunlight around the room to brighten up any space.

The best part about all of these renovations is that they will all enhance the aesthetic of your home. You can benefit in more ways than one, so if you are ready to spruce up your abode, then contact an interior design expert today. A professional will be able to look around your house and recommend the best features that will work for the type of look you are going for.

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