How To Become Well-Behaved Students in Class: Tips To Follow?

A classroom is a place where teachers and groups of students meet, interact, impart and receive a quality education respectively. Right student behavior plays an important role in how effectively they learn and grow in their academic, professional, and personal life.

To become well-behaved students, all have to follow a set of activities that makes the classroom more learning-centric, beneficial, and meaningful for all. Let us discuss some tips by which students can follow the right behavior in the classes. We will also be discussing some tips which teachers can practice to regulate the right learning environment free of disruptive activities and behavior.

Tips For Becoming a Well-Behaved Student

Follow The Classroom Rules

The main tip which all students must follow to become well-behaved in classes is to follow the classroom rules and disciplinary measures. This will make learners obedient, and well-disciplined. This will not only enhance the academic performance of the students but also foster interpersonal relations between teachers and well-behaved students.

Come Prepared for The Classes

When a student comes to the class without revision, learning, and homework, he or she participates less, understands less, and also affects the teachers. To become etiquette, students must come prepared for the classes. Do your homework and assignments properly. Read and revise the lesson well. You can also read in advance the chapter or topic which the teacher is going to start next.

Be Punctual for The Classes

When a student enters a class late, he or she not only affects their learning but also disturbs the whole classroom environment. Students miss some of the topics that affect their understanding for the next lessons as well. To prevent this from happening with you, all students must come to the classes promptly. This way students can be in the good books of the teachers too.

Respect Teachers and Other Classmates

Not listening to the teachers, arguing with them, not replying to them, ignoring the instructions given by them, all these come under disrespecting your teacher. To become well-behaved, students must be respectful to the teachers and other batchmates. Follow the instructions given by the teacher, and have the right verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Regulate Right Behavior and Discipline in Class: Tips for Teachers

Set Rules from The First Class Itself

To make your class well behaved and disciplined all teachers must create a set of rules and instructions. What you expect from your students and how you want the classroom environment to be, setting rules is very important. All the teachers and senior authorities of the educational institution must make behavioral and disciplinary measures from the first-class itself. Because if students start wrong practices from the beginning they will continue to do so. Therefore, all rules must be created from the first day of the classes itself.

Explain The Rules to Students and Ensure Consistency

With the help of LMS portals, after establishing the behavioral and disciplinary rules for the students, instruct them the same. What do you want from students, and the ideal behavior you expect from them, explain it in detail. Ask your students to get their doubts and confusion cleared right away so that they don’t do any wrong attempts in the coming classes.

After setting and instructing, ensure that all students and including the teacher are consistent with the rules. Good consistency means all are possessing the right behavior and the learning environment is positive and effective.

Respect Your Students

We often expect a lot from students and forget to follow and do the same. Respect not only means students giving it to the teachers but also teachers respecting the young minds. To make students respectful and empathetic it is important for teachers to possess the same behavioral skill. If you find students making mistakes, don’t be too harsh and rude to them. This might affect the emotional and mental state of the child. Be emphatic, listen to them, acknowledge their views and suggestions. And to make students respectful, be the role model and ideal figure for them.

Have Interactive Lessons

In a monotonous class where a teacher keeps lecturing and students simply listening can’t be disciplined. This way of teaching becomes quite boring and less engaging for the students and they lose attention and interest. This distracted mind from studies can disturb the whole classroom environment.

 Students may start talking to one another or do another mischief. This affects class discipline. To prevent this from happening, teachers must have interactive classroom sessions. Using LMS, organize classes that have several interactive and more participative activities. For example group discussions, debates, recitation, etc. This makes students more engaged in learning and less distracted from mischief.


Behavioral qualities are important for all to possess. With students being well behaved, they achieve both academic and professional success. We discuss the tips which students must follow to become well-behaved and disciplined. We also read the tips which teachers can follow to regulate the right student behavior in the classes.

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