How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

The duties of a certified nursing assistant or aide entail providing healthcare to patients at nursing facilities and hospitals. They work under nursing supervision and help the nurses a great deal by updating them on the health conditions of the patients.

According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for certified nursing assistants is expected to spike by 11 percent. This is a clear indication that the market will always be ready for certified nursing aides. But how do you pursue your career as a certified nursing assistant? Here is how you should go about it.

  1. Get a GED or high school diploma

Remember that the first requirement you need to fulfill in order to enroll for CNA training is having a highs school diploma or GED. However, the requirements differ per state. In some, you do not really need to have completed your high school diploma. Some CNA training programs issue admittance exams. SAT or ACT scores can also get you enrolled.

  1. Enroll for CNA or LVN training

After successful completion of your high school diploma, GED or admittance examination, you can register for a certified nursing assistant training program. Ensure that the institution you choose to take your course at is state-approved. As you enroll, it is also vital that you confirm for schools that have a pass rate of not less than 70%. Working with a course schedule that works for you is also critical: you should consider going through the schools’ schedules for CNA training. You can also choose to go for LVN training to become a licensed vocational nurse. Start by finding a good, hands-on vocational nursing school and enroll in their program. Schools have a 96% pass rate or above and offer the quality training you need to become a licensed vocational nurse and have a long, healthy career too.

  1. Complete the training hours as stipulated by your state

Once enrolled, your focus should be on completing and passing the training and complete the training hours as required by your state. Note that before you do a certification exam, you must have met the training hours and passed the classes. It is worth noting that the minimum hours required differ with every state. Do not make assumptions; confirm what your state works with.

  1. Pass the certification exam

As earlier mentioned, you will only be allowed to sit for the certification exam if you have successfully completed the classes and passed them. The other requirement is completing the minimum training hours as directed by your state. From here, you can sit the certification exam. Do adequate preparation as you have to pass the test in order to be given the certificate. On passing the exam, the institution that issued the examination will notify the state that you did. All you need to do from here is wait for your certificate.

  1. Get listed

It may not be handled with urgency, but getting listed on the nurse aide registry will help the employers verify the eligibility of your certificate. This means a better chance of getting certified nursing assistant jobs.

It is essential to check with your state for updated information on licensing requirements. The baby boomer population is on the rise: so is the need for preventive medical care for this group. With the certificate, you are free to look for a job at any institution that provides healthcare. Pick one that suits you best.

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