How To Avoid Denial Of A Car Insurance Claim?


The comprehensive car insurance is a holy grail that protects you against any unforeseen damage that might befall on your vehicle. Car insurance is not just a formality that is optional to fulfill but a necessity of legal and medical nature. It is mandatory to own car insurance since it safeguards your vehicle and your life and helps you deal with the circumstances following a damaging accident.

While you may own car insurance and have the right to file a claim if need be, the decision to accept or reject a request lies with the insurer. What use is the car insurance if your claims get rejected on some specific grounds?

Here are some insights curated by experienced attorneys like a car accident attorney in Lake Charles on helping in avoidance of claim denial.

Mind The Formalities

When you are involved in an accident that would be followed by claiming damages from the insurance company, make sure to inform the insurer about the occurrence of the accident as soon as possible. It is not wise to move the car from the location of the accident or to tamper any evidence until and unless a professional from the company is present there. Some insurance companies might require you to file a report with the police in case of a severe accident. Make sure you follow all these essential procedures and protocols so that your claim cannot be refuted.

Watch The Clock

Any car accident or clash requires you to be prompt and instantaneous. Insurance claims can be denied on the ground of late submission. The insurance company protects its interest in doing so. There are cases when people make claims days after the accident. This makes the company suspicious of fraudulent claims. To avoid being caught up in the middle of this sea of confusion, trusted attorneys advise making a claim as soon as possible. In case you are still unclear, you should get in touch with a car accident attorney in Lake Charles to give you further details.

Timely Medical Treatment

In case someone has been injured due to the accident, it is best to get them the necessary medical assistance as soon as possible. We insist on this because the affected person should get help as soon as possible, and it indirectly also strengthens your claim. If you do not get immediate medical assistance delivered to the affected person, the medical bills lose their value, and the injury is not seen as a direct result of the accident. This makes claiming the expenses from the insurer a challenging task. In case you are facing a similar problem, contact a car accident attorney in Lake Charles situated company to help you out!

Flaws In The Policy

A claim can be denied on various pre-established policy grounds. According to the most reputable and experienced personal attorneys, one of the key reasons for denial of claims is exceeding policy coverage, non-inclusion of the driver in the contract, and failure to include the right kind of coverage for your car. In case someone has a poor driving record or has already exhausted their policy coverage provisions, the insurance company is not entitled to accept the claims made. Furthermore, in case you are driving a car that you do not have ownership of yet or made some modifications to the vehicle without updating company records, you might be denied the chance to claim.

Avoidable Accidents Caused By Negligence

While your insurance company promises to pay for any damage to your car, the damage has to be legit and caused by an external factor like a second party or a natural calamity. You cannot claim expenses for damage that was caused by you voluntarily or were influenced by your negligent behavior. Such claims are not supported and categorized and placed in the fraudulent basket. If you are caught driving drunk or not carrying all necessary documents, you are in no place to make a claim. In fact, you are committing an offense since you are violating basic policy and traffic rules.

In case you have your doubts about your claim or wish to know if you will be compensated for them or not, you should let a professional assess the situation correctly. The concerned person can guide you through the detailed process of collecting evidence and framing the claim.

It is advisable to take help from someone who has expertise in the matter such as the car accident attorney in Lake Charles firms assign so that your claim is accepted and you can avail benefit out of your car insurance!

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