How to Appreciate Top-Performing Employees

Successful business leaders acknowledge the significance of demonstrating appreciation for top-performing workers. According to Forbes, showing appreciation keeps the top-performing workers inspired at work. Therefore, business managers must acquire soft skills to allow them to appreciate and motivate their employees. Most workers come to work and put more effort expecting that they’ll be appreciated for their hard work in some way. Consequently, employee recognition should be an integral part of your company’s strategy, especially concerning employee performance and engagement.

Here are the most effective ways to appreciate your company’s top-performing workers.

1.Introduce Monthly or Quarterly Peer-nominated Competitions

Who else knows the kind of effort and hard work an employee puts in at work than a fellow employee? For this reason, introducing monthly or quarterly peer-nominated awards will be an excellent way to recognize and appreciate your top performers. Such employee awards not only make top-performers feel appreciated but also challenge low performers to work harder.

For most workers, getting nominated by colleagues often implies a lot more than when it comes from supervisors. When using this strategy, a monthly or quarterly peer-nominated award is preferable to an annual one. Additionally, introducing such employee awards helps create unity, healthy competition, and teamwork among your workers.

2. Offer Educational and Conference Opportunities

Often, top-performers prefer to work in a highly competitive company that allows them to develop themselves. Your company can meet this need by introducing educational and conference opportunities for such workers. By offering top-performing employees educational incentives, they’ll feel highly appreciated and motivated.

Additionally, sponsoring your top performers to attend conferences is a great way to show them your appreciation for their hard work. Even if it’s a one-time conference session, your top-performers will love it to break from the daily routine. Ultimately, offering such incentives attracts the attention of your top-performing workers and lets them know that they’re recognized and appreciated.

3. Offer them a More Flexible Work Schedule

Today, the advent of the Coronavirus has made working from home more popular than ever. Therefore, you should leverage such opportunities to offer your top-performers more flexibility and freedom by allowing them to work remotely. Facilitating your top-performing employees to work remotely shows your trust in their abilities and appreciation for their hard work.

Additionally, you can show your remote employees appreciation by sending them a thank you email message. Also, you can offer paid leaves and other incentives as a way of appreciating top-performing workers. Furthermore, praising your top-performers publicly during meetings is the other way of showing that you appreciate them. In the end, offering your top-performing employees a flexible work schedule will make them feel recognized and appreciated.

4.Increase Top-performing Employees’ Responsibilities

Workers who are keen to advance in their careers understand that experience is crucial. Therefore, delegating more responsibilities to your top-performers is an excellent way to keep them motivated and feel appreciated. Apart from showing your top workers that you appreciate them, this will also help your company’s succession and development strategy.

5. Write a Note to Your Top-performing Employees

Writing a note is a simple but effective way of ensuring you appreciate your employees, especially the top-performing ones. You can have a stack of note cards to write personalized notes to the workers who have surpassed the expected performance. Furthermore, you can make these notes even more meaningful by delivering them yourself, as this will convince your top-performing workers that you sure appreciate them.

6. Display Awards

By displaying previously won awards, you demonstrate your commitment to honor top-performing team players. Displaying permanently visible evidence and praise concerning previous achievements provides a regular reminder of workers’ excellence.

Wrap Up

Today’s workforce requires being regularly recognized and appreciated for their hard work. Failing to recognize and appreciate top-performing workers can be too costly for any business to bear. Therefore, business managers who are keen to retain their best talent need to integrate employee recognition strategies.

Unrecognized workers are likely to seek more attractive opportunities where they’ll feel more appreciated. Ultimately, it is your responsibility as the business owner or manager to ensure all your top-performing workers feel appreciated for them to stay motivated.

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