How To Advertise on TV in 2020

Advertising on TV has always been a popular way to market a product or service. However, if you’ve never done it before it can be challenging to get into. Especially in this digital age when most people are streaming TV shows and movies to a device or a smart TV. It can be hard to reach certain audiences unless your ads are getting on these devices as well. This is where connected TV advertising comes into play.

Connected TV

Connected TV advertising is what allows companies to reach audiences on smart TVs and streaming devices. This is the way of the future for TV advertising. It’s a crucial step if you want to understand how to advertise to larger audiences and become more successful in your endeavors. Many crowds are using more than just cable packages to find their TV shows so you must also direct your advertisements to these viewers.

The Facts

Connected TV ads are short ads and typically they are skippable by the viewer. They are usually only marketed to audiences that relate to them. This is your advantage when it comes to using these kinds of ads. Since they will be extremely targeted to your specific audiences, these ads will have a higher impact and success rate.

The reason that the ads can be targeted to an audience is because connected TVs are connected to the internet. Most internet providers get paid by marketing companies to sell your information about what you like and what you’ve been searching. With this information, ads will be more concentrated on things that relate to the viewer. This is one reason why advertising on connected TV is so crucial in 2020. It’s the way of the future because of how dominant it is compared to other kinds of traditional advertisements.

Build A Strategy

Even if the ads are extremely targeted to your audience, you still have to make sure you have an advertising strategy. This strategy will either make or break your ad campaign. Additionally, after you develop an ad strategy, it’s important to stick to implementing it, even if you don’t see immediate success.

One important thing to remember with these kinds of advertisements is that they are skippable. This means that in order to be successful, you need to make sure the ad is eye catching enough to get the audience’s attention in the first few seconds. This means including some stellar one liner or early scene that makes audiences stick around to see what it’s all about. This is a very crucial skill to have when producing this kind of skippable ad.

Upsides Of Advertising in 2020

One thing that’s really nice about using these kinds of ads is that you can control the frequency of the ads very easily and accurately. If you’re only looking to stay within a certain budget threshold, this can easily be accomplished with using these kinds of ads.

Another wonderful thing about these kinds of ads is the analytics. You can see exactly how many viewers watched your entire ad, how many skipped it and how many overall saw it. This is information that wasn’t previously available with traditional TV ads. It can be crucial in developing new strategies or staying with the same game plan.

Also, since these ads are digital and provided through the internet, they are also able to reach anywhere in the world that has internet. This is extremely valuable when you’re trying to reach a certain targeted demographic. You can run your ads on major tv networks and cable providers around the world.

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