How To Add A Prayer Corner To Your Home

Prayer is an important part of life within many families but somehow there never seems to be a place quiet enough to reflect and pray. If you have been moving from room to room trying to find that one place secluded enough to spend even a few moments in prayer, perhaps it’s time you thought about creating a prayer corner for prayer and prayer alone. It may take time to get the family adjusted to thinking of this little nook or cranny as an area that is to be respectfully kept quiet, but with a bit of planning, it can be done. You can learn about the dedicated sections in your house and their impact on your interior’s design, on this website:

Choose a Room Away From Family Activity

If at all possible, find a room that is as far removed from the bulk of family activity as possible. In other words, try to stay away from the living room, kitchen, and family room. If you have a guest bedroom that is rarely used, you may want to set up a small corner there with a comfortable chair, an end table with a lamp, and perhaps a couple of sacred icons on the wall or the end table. You may want to place a bible and prayer book on the table as well. These can all be easily tucked away if guests are coming for an overnight visit if needed. However, if your guests share your faith, why not leave the items as is? It probably all depends on how often you entertain overnight and whether or not they share your faith.

Convert a Corner of the Attic or Garage

Many homeowners have undergone attic or garage conversions to add extra living space to their homes. It is far less expensive than moving to a larger home as it is space that is already there and probably not being used. You could easily add two ‘walls’ in one corner of the loft or garage conversion and then set it up the same way as you would have in the guest room had that been an option. The walls can simply be folding dividers that are abundant in many home furnishing stores and often have scenes from nature on the panels. The objective is that you want to ‘block out’ the world so you can focus on spending time with the Lord. You are trying to avoid any distractions, which includes anything visual that would interrupt your concentration on prayer.

Patios, Porches, and Outbuildings

If there isn’t a place where you can avoid distractions inside the home, you might have a quiet corner on a patio or porch you could set up as a space for prayer. Maybe you have an outbuilding you’ve insulated and walled to use as an office when working from home. These make ideal prayer corners because they are less likely to be disturbed by the typical distractions you would find inside the home. The main idea is to find a place where you can draw back into yourself, into the deepest part of your being to be silent in God’s presence. You can pray with words or scripture readings or with soft music in the background. It’s a time to commune with God by leaving the cares of the world behind. That’s your prayer corner and one you will take delight in using.

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