How thick is an SD card?  

SD card also known as secure digital is a small, flat and rectangular card that is used to store the data. This card is inserted in the cameras, smart phones and tablets to store the data in its memory space. Though, there is enough data space available in these devices, but if the storage space is not enough, then people can add this small card to their mobile to extend the memory space. There are many SD card manufacturers available in the market who is selling different types of SD cards at incredibly affordable prices. You need to choose the best card that meets your requirements and budget.

This SD is a kind of memory card that stores data in the portable electronic devices. Examples of the devices that use this type of card include digital cameras, smart phones, video recorders, and music players. These cards are easy to remove and insert from the compatible device. The first SD card was made in the year 1999. The form factor that is used in this card is the MMC format, i.e. the Multimedia card format that is thicker, i.e. it ranges from 2.1 mm to 1.4 mm. The dimensions that are related to the SD card include 24 mm wide, 32 mm tall and 2.1mm thickness. The thickness would protect the card from getting damaged. This card has only one edge that comprises of copper leaders, which are known as pins. These pins are available only on one side and there is another edge. However, based on the type of SD card the form factor would vary along with the thickness.

Few of the sizes of the SD cards include:

32 x 24 millimeters, 2.1 millimeters thick: This is the most common size of the SD card that is available in the market. Moreover, many devices support this size. There are many manufacturers who would manufacture this thick SD card that stores a lot of memory. This size of the card would have 9 pins and is also equipped with a key feature called write protection switch that is on the one side to read and read-write the data. The weight of this sized card would be around 2 grams. This comes with a protection switch.

20 x 21.5 millimeters, 1.4 millimeters thick: This is the mini version of the card that comprises of 11 pins. However, this is not so frequently purchased and used by the people.

15 x 11 millimeters, 1 millimeter thick: This is the micro version of the card that comprises of 8 pins. Most of the SD cards that are available in the market today come in micro size. This fits in the smart phones and cameras that are newly available in the gadget world. This is small in size and this size of the card has gained a huge popularity to be used in smart phones.

There is a standard for how thick an SD card should be. This standard is followed by all the card manufacturers globally. There is also a standard set for the capacity to be stored. SD cards will come in different capacities. Based on the capacity, the format of the SD card would be classified.

SD: This is the most standard format of the card that can store around 2 GB of the data with ease. This is available in three different types. This is cost-effective over the other types of card formats available. You can buy this, if you want to store the data for personal usage.

SDHC: This has a little high capacity to store the data. The data that you can store in this card range from 4 to 32 GB. This is available in a wide variety of sizes. However, the cost of this size is slightly higher over the SD cards.

SDXC: This is the extended format that has the ability to store the data around 32 GB to 1 TB. This is available in a big and micro size. However, the cost of these cards is high compared to the other card formats. This is best to be used by the photographers to store a lot of photos and also by the people to store media files.

These are the three different capacity formats that are available. These are the standard formats in which you will get the cards in the market. Out of all the cards, micro SD cards are smaller in size and have the ability to store a huge amount of data. The smart phones will use micro SD cards to cut down the size of the device. You can also use the micro SD cards in the standard SD card slot with the help of micro SD to SD adapter. The storage of the SD card is decided based on the standard to which the card is adhered to.

There are many types of SD cards. Different SD cards have different sizes. You can choose SD cards according to your needs. If you want to buy in bulk, please check the best supplier:

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