How Technology is Reshaping HR Practices

We’ve all gone through the rigours of joining an organisation and filling up endless forms that essentially ask for the same details over and over again. This was the case some ten years ago, cut to present and modern HR practices have undergone a sea change.

With technology getting better each day, It was only a matter of time when the good old HR department caught up with the times. From making better hiring choices, to ensure the employees do not feel left out, technology is helping HR personnel across the world deploy better ways of keeping the human resource performing at its optimum.

Here are some of the ways in which technology is reshaping global HR practises.

Recruiting Top Talent

We know how the internet has revolutionised hiring processes all over the world. But did you know, the internet has also helped HR managers decide between two candidates with similar skill sets. Ever so often, hiring teams find themselves in a catch-22 situation where only one suitable candidate can be hired out of the many available options.

This problem can be easily solved with the help of Social Media. Yes, Social Media has become the go-to option for HR managers to help them make hiring decisions. So much so, that almost 70% of employers believe social media is an integral part of the hiring process. With a good mix of skills and social media presence, a modern employee can confidently apply for positions and expect good results.

New Hire Onboarding and Training

The biggest grouse that departmental managers have with HR is the lack of a seamless onboarding or training process. The use of technology at crucial hiring stages have proved its worth time and again. One of the ways in which technology like ‘specialised software’ has helped HR departments all over, is during onboarding formalities.

Filling out joining forms, documentation, and reference checks can take up an entire day. In contrast, it can be easily automated through a smart onboarding solutions software and the employee is given a stipulated time frame for completion before they actually report to work. This leaves time for the new recruit to get familiar with their workspace and make acquaintances with the existing staff.

Employee training is another area that has greatly benefitted from the use of technology. Organisations with a new hire training program that is supported by the use of interactive training modules have reported increased retention rates as compared to the traditional classroom style of training. Modern technology aims at simplifying complex processes, and employee training has undoubtedly been made better through engaging training concepts and assessments that aim at understanding rather than high scores.

Tracking Employee Performance

Evaluating employees for appraisals can become hectic in a very short time, especially if you have a large team. Let specialised software do the analysis for you while you concentrate on other tasks at hand.

With the use of smart technology, HR managers can receive auto-generated reports about employee project delivery rates, attendance, task completion rates, and so much more. All this data can be used in tracking overall employee performance and assessing their appraisal percentages. With everything being tracked by a software, fair reporting will be practised, and no undue advantage would be given to preferred employees.


The modern era of technology has indeed made everything simpler, this holds true for HR practises as well. With the advent of specialised software, even the most mundane of all HR tasks can be automated and given a streamlined facelift. However, HR in its nature is a department that needs to have a human connect which modern-day HR specialists should be able to mix along with the use of technology.

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