How Short Term Corporate Housing Has Changed in 2020

When it comes to short term corporate housing New York in particular has seen a sea change this year which has caused a great many in the industry to switch focus or to maneuver itself in order to survive. The reason why New York has seen such a huge impact is that under normal circumstances there is a wealth of business men and women from around the world who come here to work on a short term basis. From carrying out audits to arriving for training, the business center that is New York sees thousands each and every year arriving for a short time, who of course depend on this type of housing.

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have put a stop to this however and those property owners have had to rethink the way that they are doing things.

The Basics

In order to survive those who run short term rentals have been forced to up their game with regards to cleanliness and hygiene. This is of course to try and take advantage of those who still are looking to use their services, after all businesses are still running at some capacity. The key for these properties is not only to make sure that their standards are high, but also that they are able to convince clients of this level of hygiene to encourage them to have trust in the property.

Opening Up

Recognizing the fact that they were likely to find it difficult to get guests in, many of these properties actually opened its doors to healthcare workers. Man in this industry had to self-isolate when not at work, or at the very least stay away from their family during the outbreak. Those with short term property rentals were able to offer free or heavily discounted stays for local healthcare workers during this time. We also saw a great number of healthcare workers traveling from quiet spots to areas like New York which had big scale outbreaks.

Doubling Down

Those who were financially able to simply made sure that hygiene levels were as high as they could be, but invested in the properties with the goal to come out stronger. Many have used this time to repair areas of the property or to upgrade certain aspects of the property too. Eventually things will get back to normal and this has created something of an opportunity for property owners who wanted to do some work on the place. Naturally this has come at a cost as no guests means no income, with this being said it is entirely possible that much of this money could be recouped once this is all over, and the best way to ensure that is to get the place looking the best that it possibly can, and this has proven to be an ideal opportunity to do just that.

Much like every industry on the planet, things have had to change with regards to short term rentals.

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