How Outsourcing Data Entry Services to India Can Make Your Business Profitable

At first glance, data entry doesn’t seem like too much of a hassle. It’s a simple process of taking data in one format and transferring it to another to make data management easier. However, as your business grows, your data needs will grow with it. Subsequently, your data entry processes will become more demanding and, not to mention more expensive.

Data Entry Outsourced is your solution.

Outsourcing your data entry needs offers numerous advantages that can help keep you ahead of the competitors. Learn how it helps you cut costs, makes your business more profitable, and keeps you ahead of the curve.

You’ll have lower labor costs

Using in-house data entry teams is much more expensive and time-consuming than you may think. You’ll have to create job ads. Go through the list of potential candidates. Conduct interviews. Find applicants who can fit into your company culture. Create a full onboarding program. Develop training curriculums.

In all likelihood, you won’t complete all of these processes yourself. You’ll need the help of headhunters, interviewers, employee training experts, and others. All that takes time and resources.

In addition, you’ll also have to provide a full monthly salary together with all the required employee benefits once you hire your in-house data entry team. The costs of it all quickly stack up.

With your data entry outsourced to India, you’ll have no such worries. You’ll have significantly lower labor costs as you’ll only pay the outsourced team when you use their services. There’s no need to go through the hiring/training/onboarding process or make additional investments.

You can hire top talent

While data entry is often seen as simple work, there’s more to it than meets the eye. A data entry clerk must have essential skills and talents to perform well. They need a good understanding of database software like Microsoft Excel. They need to know how to use word processors. They need typing, transcription, research, and data collection knowledge.

Moreover, they need to be detail-oriented and display the utmost accuracy. After all, a single mistake in the data-entry process can have a domino effect and poorly impact your analytics.

What all of this means is that you can’t just hire whomever as a data entry clerk. You need top talent – and that’s often difficult to find.

Fortunately, when you outsource your data entry needs, you gain access to the top global talent. You no longer have to settle for finding employees in your immediate geographic region. You can hire from a vast talent pool and connect with skilled staff worldwide.

An added benefit is that you won’t have to pay more to hire the most skilled employees. With data entry outsourced to India, currency devaluation and lower living costs mean that you can pay less for the same quality of service.

You won’t have to invest in office space

Depending on your data entry needs, it’s probably not enough for you to hire just a single data entry clerk. In all likelihood, you need a big team that can handle large data quantities.

With a big team, it’s not only the salary and benefits you’d need to invest in. You’d also need to provide adequate office space with the proper infrastructure. You’ll need to invest in all the traditional office furnishings and the necessary hardware and software. You’ll need to cover more expensive rent, pay for your monthly subscription to your chosen Software as a Service provider, and more.

You’ll have none of these expenses with data entry outsourced. The outsourced teams you hire will have all the hardware and software they need to perform their tasks well. You won’t have to make any additional investments.

You’ll enjoy a faster turnaround

Perhaps the greatest benefit of outsourcing your data entry needs is that you’ll enjoy much faster turnaround times.

A small in-house team cannot handle large data quantities quickly and accurately. It takes time to review vast amounts of data, and you’ll still have to pay your employees by the hour.

Outsourced data-entry teams, on the other hand, are usually comprised of dozens of professionals who can quickly complete any task you need. You can easily agree on a tighter deadline and receive a comprehensive service without waiting around and wasting time and resources.

Final thoughts

Depending on the size of your company and its niche, outsourcing your data entry needs is often the more economical solution. Outsourcing helps you cut labor costs, save on building office space, and invest in the necessary IT infrastructure. You’ll gain access to top talent at a lower cost and enjoy much faster turnaround times.

So, if you’re struggling with getting a grip on data entry, Data Entry Outsourced is your best solution.

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