How Online PDF Merging Helps: 4 Best Use Cases

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of PDF. It stands for Portable Document Format. Or should we say Popular Document Format? Well, both are correct! From students to professionals, PDFs are everyone’s favorite file format. Easy to use, appealing, and archivable, there’s nothing like PDFs.

For people who edit PDF files, online merging is nothing new, especially when someone wants to put together three different PDFs into one neat-looking document or add a missing page to a pre-designed document. You can find a wide range of tools that allow you to combine PDF file online without changing anything else.

Whether you use PDFs for study or work, online PDF merging can be handy. Here are the four best real-time use cases.

1. School and Office Projects With Many Participants 

Are you working on a school or office project with many hands on the deck? It’s evident you will need to merge individual files into one final PDF for submission. Sure, you can use a desktop version of a PDF merger to combine things. However, some submissions may come at the last minute when you won’t have time to run the software. Besides, people can submit their files in different formats. Luckily, you can save every format as a PDF for final merging. When the deadline is near, online PDF merging works best. Inhale, upload, merge, exhale! It’s that easy. In a few minutes, you will have a neat, submission-ready file. 

2. Legal Documents That Attract Too Many Revisions 

Legal documents are prone to multiple corrections, from signing a real estate deal to drafting a will. In such scenarios, online PDF merging can save the day. Firstly, it helps in the easy addition or deletion of pages as required. Also, each signed copy can be merged quickly into one single file and saved digitally for easy reference. 

3. Free Up Storage Space On Your Device

Despite several benefits, PDF files occupy significant space on your hard disk. It’s common for files with several high-res images, graphs, and tables. With low memory, your applications might not work the desired way. 

This is where online PDF mergers can help. Instead of storing multiple PDF files, you can combine all files into one single master copy. It also makes it easy to share files across multiple devices. 

4. Effortless Scanning And Printing 

Document printing might look easy. But not when you have multiple files to be printed. Opening each file to check and print is a tedious process. It wastes time and consumes more power, adding to your energy bills. 

However, tracking of documents for print is of paramount concern. It is likely to lose track of what’s been printed and what’s left. Besides, you can end up with duplicate prints. You can’t be sure unless you go through the hard copies one after another. Imagine printing 200 individual files. A nightmare!

Online PDF merging is an easy solution. Simply upload your files together and combine them into a single print-ready document. That helps on many fronts.

  • You will never have to worry about a single page being left out. 
  • By the time the file gets printed, you can attend to other important tasks. In short, be more productive. 
  • You contribute towards sustainability as your printer runs for a shorter duration.

The scenario is the same when it comes to scanning. Say you need 50-odd pages to be scanned from a reference book. Would you prefer to go over all 50 files as images for scanning? Or rather, have them scanned and combined into one single file? Using an online PDF merger helps. It makes the review process easy. You can scroll through the merged copy and consider deleting or adding more pages as needed. 

Say Yes To Online PDF Merging 

Undeniably, PDFs have redefined how we archive documents. As the most preferred file format, it makes sense to make more of it. Online PDF merging is a rewarding option. It saves time, makes PDFs more accessible, and facilitates seamless storage. Whether you are a student or a working professional, online PDF is how you work best with PDFs.

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