How Online Checkout Experience Boosts Your Sales

One of your goals is to have a constant high conversion rate if you have an eCommerce business. However, the sad truth is seven from ten visitors are quitting at the checkout page – they are just leaving without buying a single item.

If this sounds frustrating to you, then it is time for you to optimize your online checkout experience and get more conversions. Keep in mind that even as little as one percent increase in your conversion rate could mean hundreds and even thousands more on your income. So, how do you get your visitors to click that “buy” button?

Allow customers to checkout without registration

Most customers are hesitant in giving out their contact information. Think about it, forcing your visitors to register before buying is an outright disservice. Skipping the mandatory sign up and login can increase your online store’s revenue a massive $300 million. Furthermore, a study has found that 30 percent of visitors are choosing to abandon their carts once they have asked to sign up.

Offering a guest checkout option is a lot better than forcing your potential customers to register for an account. It will offer the customers to have a smooth checkout process for them to get the items they want, and you, getting their money.

You can still get a hold of their contact information like their email address by asking them to register after they have checked out. You may encourage the customers to register at the “Thank You” page after making their purchase. Moreover, you may also automatically create a user account for the customer after they have made a purchase. You can then send the login information to their email together with their receipt.

Registration takes the visitors’ precious time. A smoother buying process means a better chance for you to convert a visitor into a customer.

Let your customers pay in their local currencies

If you are selling online, this means that your products may reach every corner of the world. You are more likely to have customers from other countries.

One of the ways to localize your store and entice more customers across the globe is to accept payments in their local currencies. Most customers prefer familiarity when they are buying. Also, they would like to know the exact amount they are going to spend. Remember that paying in a currency that you are not used to could be tricky.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Almost all customers prefer using their mobile phones to buy online. Mobile phones allow customers to shop online anytime, anywhere. They can easily compare prices between different stores using their devices.

Making your website user-friendly, especially the checkout page, will provide customers with a smooth online checkout experience. So, you have to make this one of your priorities.

Always remember that a smooth checkout process entices more customers, thus, more revenue. Enhancing the checkout experience for the customers will dramatically boost your sales. Furthermore, this will keep your customers coming back.

These optimization tweaks are easy to carry out. By doing this, you are putting the customer’s needs first, working on any issues that hinder them from buying.  From removing the mandatory registration to providing them a smooth mobile experience, these are surefire ways to boost your sales by enhancing your store’s checkout experience.

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