How much does Laser Eye Surgery Cost in India?


Laser eye surgery is considered as a common procedure with about 1,00,000 people going through some variation of this treatment in India every year. LASIK eye surgery is a treatment for people who want to get a clearer vision and also want to get rid of the lens and glasses permanently. The treatment is designed to treat short-sightedness or Myopia along with hyperopia and astigmatism. Though laser eye surgeries give excellent results, complications may arise post-treatment. These are rare and can be cured with additional surgery or medical treatments. We understand your concerns about the procedure, although, you should know that it is specifically free from any serious medical problems. LASIK is not life-taking and neither does it cause cataracts. In India, it is more common to treat people with thin corneas because Indian people tend to have thinner corneas in comparison to Americans.

However, when planning to go for laser eye surgery, knowing the cost is important. But trying to understand the underlying cost of LASIK is a little complicated. To ensure that you are getting the best value of your money, you will have to do your homework. The following information will assist you to get started.

How much do you have to pay for Lasik surgery in India?

In India, LASIK can cost as low as Rs 10,000/- per eye to as high as over a lakh of rupees, depending on factors like the type of hospital/clinic you select, your location, and other correlated treatments that depend on your condition. Some centers may offer you a much lower cost, but there you will have to tackle with less follow up care, use of low-quality technology, and lower involvement of the surgeon. Perhaps you might even not be satisfied with the treatment. Some centers might give you assurance of taking lower prices for the treatment but the prices begin to rise gradually once the treatment is finalized. However, if you want to compare the prices of LASIK eye surgery between different clinics, then you can consider Laser Eye Surgery Reviews as here you will get accurate data.

Furthermore to know what influences the prices of laser eye surgery in India, keep on reading.

What Fluctuates the Price of Laser Eye Surgery in India?

There are many factors that depict how much a laser eye procedure will cost you. The most essential ones are listed below:

Required Vision Correction:

Laser eye surgery is more expensive especially for people who have poor vision. Based on your prescription, you may end up paying less or more in comparison to other patient.

Laser Technology:

Another thing that influences laser eye surgery cost is the kind of technology used. Advanced technology like custom LASIK is likely to cost more than older and traditional procedures and technology. Add-on charges placed on surgeons by manufacturers of laser devices may get shifted to the patient. The patient’s choices may also increase costs. The type of LASIK eye surgery, your surgeon suggests is for your best possible outcome, yet it may impact the laser eye surgery cost. Before finalizing the treatment, ensure to ask the price of the LASIK procedure offered so you know what exactly you will get.

Surgeon Skill:

The cost of laser eye surgery may also be influenced by the skills of the surgeon. The most experienced and well-trained surgeons are likely to charge a little more since they are bringing a higher level of skill to the treatment.

Hospital Size:

Economies of scale play a great role here. The bigger the clinic/hospital, the lower the prices they are able to offer. Clinics with well-experienced doctors and assistive staff are mostly less expensive.

Patient Care:

Often an optician or optometrist will carry out initial assessments, which can assist in reducing the cost compared to an assessment by the surgeon. Be a little serious with this as it does not permit you to build a professional relationship with the surgeon.

LASIK eye surgery is perfect for those who don’t want to experience any side effects post-treatment. However, the above-mentioned information and points should be considered, if you want to keep yourself on a safer side.

Keep in mind, your eyesight is too essential to take unnecessary risks.

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