How Google Looks at Online Reviews

You might be wondering how Google uses online reviews to rank your website. If you are curious about it, you can read this article to help you determine how to rank higher on Google


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex discipline when you want to market your brand. There are sophisticated algorithms, keywords, web crawlers, backlinks, tagging, and more. You might think that it is impossible to move up the Google search result rankings. However, if you know how you can manage reviews properly, you can rank higher on Google.

If you do not appear in Google’s first page of search results, potential customers will not find you. Google looks at the reviews of your page well. You will discover more about that now. Learn more about How Google Looks at Online Reviews at

Use Software Review Websites

They are a hidden gem when you are joining the race to the first page of Google.

  • High-domain authority – Normally, software reviews sites are trustworthy and significant compared to individual websites since they are not biased. They will not attempt to sell you. These review sites are telling you that you need to make the right purchasing decision. They are also easy to navigate.
  • Include Quality SEO – You do not have to work. Using only words that help you rank higher is hard because they could change from time to time. There is fierce competition when it comes to that, which makes it easier to create a review site profile that ranks for the target keywords.
  • Links are automatic in review websites – The internal links maintain users on review sites. They are offering the users a chance to leave a review, look at pricing options, compared alternatives to products, and explore the categories. You will also find external links everywhere.

Google Reviews Volume

Businesses with a lot of reviews and are mostly high ratings will most likely rank higher on search engine results. Part of the reason is that a lot of these reviews will have important keywords, especially the long-tail keywords, and people use that to express an opinion.

When Google takes out anonymous reviews, a lot of websites rank lower because of that. This is also an indication that online reviews affect the ranking of your website. In addition, it also puts emphasis on the fact that algorithms choose quality and quantity among the reviews. However, sometimes Google reviews are not showing on your Google My Business (GMB) profile for some reason, so how do you fix this profile?

Review Authenticity

If your website has authentic and honest reviews, then that is a big thing. They are important because Google tries to look for fake reviews. If you are getting mostly positive and honest reviews, then you are doing excellent in your business. When you provide great services and products in your business and make it a goal, Google rewards you for that and they will be able to prove that from the reviews customers are leaving in review sites.

When you need help in handling the reviews, you can always try a review management platform so you will manage them well and your Google ranking will be unaffected.

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