How good is a Krause and Becker airless electric paint sprayer?

Looking for an affordable and easy-to-use spray painting option for your next DIY project? Look no further, because Krause and Becker have got you covered with their airless paint sprayer. Krause and Becker is an American brand that is owned by Harbour Freight Tools, a discount tool and equipment retailer based in California.

Krause and Becker’s product specifications

With its simple design and focus on power, this product is an excellent choice for any DIY project. The Krause and Becker product contains a 5/8 HP motor and has an output of 3000 PSI. The metal gun is easy to handle and it has a built-in filter to decrease build-up and allow for smooth paint flow, and whilst the unit is pretty basic, it does have easy to use controls for adjusting pressure.

The airless paint sprayer comes with a paint pickup stainless steel bucket which helps prevent corrosion with multiple uses. The stainless steel bucket is also great for keeping paint smooth, with a noticeably large difference in the texture. The spray gun has a lock for the trigger to keep paint constantly flowing, which is really helpful for larger projects. The air sprayer is also versatile because it has interchangeable tips. It also comes with a 517 tip that is reversible for post-job cleanup, and can handle acrylic-based paint and latex, but not filler or texture-based material.

An airless Krause and Becker kit is made from lightweight stainless steel metal

How to use the Krause & Becker airless paint sprayer

Prepare the surface for painting

As with all paint surfaces, painting something with an airless sprayer should involve some preparation in the surrounding area. If there are parts of the surface you do not want to have painted, you need to cover them with masking tape. Also make sure to lay tarpaulin down on the ground to account for any drips.

Hold the sprayer’s trigger to spray

Airless sprayers are used like any traditional gun. If this is your first time using a paint sprayer, you should practice on a throwaway surface first.

Adjust the pressure if needed

If the paint isn’t spraying evenly and thickly, it’s a definite sign you need to increase the pressure. Use the dial on your airless sprayer to control this. However, as a general rule, you’ll want to keep the pressure as low as possible without resulting in a weaker paint job. Unnecessarily high pressure will wear out your sprayer.

Maintain a steady distance while you spray

You should keep your sprayer between 10-12 inches (30.5 cm) away from the surface you’re painting. This will make it close enough to apply effectively, but far enough away to cover a good range of surface.

Keep your aim moving

If you hold the trigger down in one place for too long, you’ll run the risk of overspray and dripping. To avoid this issue, make sure your hand is always moving over the surface you’re painting. Make sure that the speed you’re moving at is constant. You want to make sure your paint-job looks even throughout.

Release the trigger to stop painting

When you’ve done a certain amount of painting, simply release the trigger to stop. You should account for the split second between the time you release the trigger and the point paint will stop being applied at.

This product is easy to use for DIY projects

More information about the airless paint sprayer

Most interior and exterior designers recommend the Krause and Becker paint sprayer due to its professional finish. You can use the sprayer on any type of surface including floors, walls, ceilings, and even roofs!

Krause and Becker sprayer’s features

The 0.625 HP Krause and Becker sprayer has a number of features which make it the ideal choice for any kind of DIY painting project including:

  • Adjustable pressure and flow rate
  • Strong suction and return tubes
  • Tube mounted filter
  • Prime and spray switches
  • Safety trigger lock
  • Clean eject control
  • Pressure relieving valves

Additionally, optimized pressure and flow rate allows for a smooth flow of paint when spraying. Unutilized paint goes back to the other bucket through the return pipe. This maximises efficiency and reduces the amount of wasted paint.

Krause and Becker’s sprayer has unique controls for priming and spraying modes. The priming mode works efficiently for water-based and oil-based paints. All you have to do is flush the spray gun with a mineral based liquid and water. Then, you simply just switch it over to spray mode and start painting.

The airless paint sprayer’s replaceable tips

As stated above, the Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer is versatile airless due to its replaceable tip. The 517-grade tips have multiple sizes with an adjustable flow rate. The most remarkable feature is the fact that they are rust and wear- resistant.

The tip can be used to spray thousands of gallons per year with uncomplicated cleaning and maintenance routines. Some of the most intriguing features of the spray gun and tip include:

  • Flawless spray over narrow surfaces such as strips on walls, fences, and furniture
  • Twist pressure control
  • Even surface finishing on wood, concrete, metal, glass, and many others
  • Ability to spray on flat, popcorn, orange-peel, and many other surface patterns
  • Bubble free spraying with no overspray, overflow, or bleeding of paint

Exterior painting on large scale projects can be complicated and tedious. You have to paint on uneven surfaces with deep curves and bends. For example, let’s look at the craftsman, Pueblo revival, or Cape Cod home exterior. Abstract shapes and unreachable edges can really pose a challenge while painting. The Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer has the solution to all these challenges with solutions such as:

  • The 3000 PSI pressure spray can reach the most curved structures for even finishing
  • Spray gun and the tip can atomize the thickest paint into finest molecules
  • Shower effects on the spraying path enable flawless painting
  • Easy to clean and maintain parts with detachable design

Your painting job will be slow and painful without this product

The Krause and Becker airless paint sprayer is an outstanding product for any DIY painting project. You can use it to cover any exterior or interior surface and transform your home into something truly spectacular. This sprayer has great bang for your buck with a fine tip/gun, a powerful motor, and the ability to handle smaller jobs. We would not recommend this as main industrial sprayer, as it only can handle 8-10 gallon jobs, therefore isn’t the best choice for painting professionals.

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