How Does Temporary Van Insurance Work?

There are many situations where someone might require the use of a van for a temporary period of time. In these situations, short-term van insurance is an ideal option for protection and prevents the need to take out a traditional annual policy. This post will look at what short-term van insurance is and why it is a great option for van drivers in various situations.

What is Temporary Van Insurance?

So, what exactly is temporary van insurance? This is an affordable and flexible type of insurance when you require a van for a short period of time. Generally, you can get coverage for just an hour through to a month, meaning you only have to pay for the time you need. There are many situations where this could be useful, such as:

  • Moving home
  • Delivering or picking up large items
  • Long journey van sharing
  • Test driving a van
  • Buying a new van while deciding on an annual policy

Benefits of Temporary Van Insurance

The main benefit of short term van insurance is the fact that you can pay for exactly how much time you need, which is a cost-effective way of getting insured in short-term situations. It can also be quick to arrange (as fast as 90 seconds in some cases!), so it is hassle-free and can be arranged without pre-planning. On top of this, short-term van insurance will preserve your No Claims Discount (NCD) if there is an accident.

How Does it Work?

To get a quote for short-term van insurance, you simply need to provide information on the driver, vehicle, and journey(s) that you will be taking. You then select the dates that you need and wait for your quote. If you are happy, you can then buy your policy and receive all of the documents you need via email.

What Does it Cover?

Temporary van insurance comes with comprehensive cover as standard, meaning you get the same level of protection as regular comprehensive insurance for your car. Coverage includes:

  • Accidental and malicious damage
  • Loss or damage caused by fire, theft, or attempted theft
  • Legal liabilities for injuries or damage to another person or property
  • Personal belongings
  • Driving in the UK

There may also be optional extras that are worth looking into.

There are many situations in life where you might require a van for a short period of time. Short-term van insurance allows you to get coverage for the exact time that you need, offering financial protection and peace of mind when you get behind the wheel.

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