How does lemon law change from state to state?

If you are also dealing with the most common question of customers ‘Can I get my money back if my brand new car turns out to be faulty? Then the simple answer to this question is it all depends on your situation and the state you are living in.

It’s true that there are a couple of prerequisites for your car to qualify as a lemon-like severe issue that affects the operation, safety, or value of the car or multiple repair attempts but the state you are living in also has a big effect on how your lemon case further proceeds.

From the number of repair attempts required for calling your car a lemon to the time period within which the customer must face the issue, every aspect of lemon law can vary from state to state. Therefore, we will discuss how lemon law changes from state to state in this detailed blog post.

The longevity of lemon rights

The lemon law is applicable to brand new vehicles only for a limited period of time and it is measured in time or miles covered. This aspect of lemon law also varies from state to state. For example, in California, you are covered under lemon law till 18 months or 18000 miles while in New York, the same limited time period lasts for about 24 months or 18000 miles.

So, before planning to take the lemon law case to the lawsuit, you should always consult a lemon law lawyer CA and know about the state laws regarding the longevity of lemon rights as well.

The number of repair attempts

This is one of the major concerns for all the people planning to file a lemon law case in the court as the repair attempts must meet the number set under lemon law but again, the number of attempts can vary from state to state and a lemon law lawyer CA can better guide you regarding this aspect of lemon law.

In California, you must have made a minimum of 4 repair attempts or 2 repair attempts in a case where the issue could have caused death or injury. While on the other side, in New Jersey, you just have to make 3 repair attempts without any results and 1 repair attempt if the issue could have caused death.

The used vehicle case

There are many states where lemon law is applicable only in the case of brand new cars but then there are those states where the law extends to even leased and used cars. You can take the example of California where there are two types of lemon laws; one is known as the used car lemon law and another one is known as the new car lemon law.

If you have read everything about the lemon law, specific to your state, and if you still haven’t been able to figure out anything then you must get in touch with a lemon car lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

The type of vehicles covered

When it comes to the types of vehicles covered under the lemon law, most people think about cars only but that’s not the case with every state. In Illinois, all the vans, new trucks, and new cars under the 8000 lbs category are covered under the lemon law. Even RVs are covered in the state of Illinois.

Obviously, there are states where motorcycles, ATVs, and even boats are covered under the lemon law but it is necessary to first check with the state rules and regulations. In California, any vehicle for personal, family, or household purposes is considered a part of the lemon law protection.

Attorney’s fee

If you have made up your mind to take the lemon law case to court then it becomes necessary to work with a lemon car lawyer Los Angeles. Without a lawyer, you will be knocked out of the court sessions by the experienced team of lawyers working specially for the car manufacturing companies as they have many tricks under their sleeves to either deny our claim or give a low compensation.

If you are living in California then the manufacturer becomes responsible for paying the attorney’s fee but if you are living in Colorado and lose a lemon law case then you will have to pay the attorney’s fee.

There are obviously some states that are doing better when it comes to protecting the customer from lemon but it doesn’t mean that you don’t stand any chance in other states. The lemon law, as a whole, is there to give protection to customers against faulty vehicles and you should never overlook it if you are stuck with a lemon.

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