How Do You Attach Letters To Balloons?

Letter balloons are the most efficient way of spelling the guest’s name and leaving your greetings. These mylar and foil inflatables can save the day anytime. By making such an impact and being one of the best decoration pieces ever, letter balloons are often the number one item in a cart.

Still, there might be some questions about the way of installing these balloons. How do you inflate these foil decorations or attach letters to any balloons if you need a quick substitution? These are the best ways to master letter inflatables ASAP:

1. Find Letter Balloons

The best way to start the project is to write down the exact phrase that is going to be spelled. This can be a wedding or an anniversary greeting, somebody’s name, or a cute inside joke. Letter inflatables are also good for marriage and prom proposals. Online stores are a perfect place to quickly find inflatables in many textures and shades. Balloons are also sold in different sizes and materials. For instance, here is a good place to find your party balloons:

2. Inflate The Letter Balloons

Once you get the inflatables, it’s time to fill them with air or helium depending on whether you want them to float. Since hydrogen and helium are lighter than air, this gas will be perfect for attaching letters to the ceiling or using weights to make them stay still.

3. Use A Double-Sided Tape

Every lettered balloon comes with small tabs to attach to a thread or a ribbon. However, if you want to attach the inflatable to an arch or a wall, the double-sided tape will perfectly do the trick. After inflating the decoration piece, measure the tape length and stick it to the back of the balloon. Lightly press the inflatable against the wall to make it stay. You can do the same procedure with a photo zone, any backdrop, or any solid concrete vertical surface.

Attaching letters to balloons: the alternative way

If you want to spell words and phrases with balloons the alternative way, use round balloons and cutouts to attach paper letters. Here is the detailed procedure for completing the project:

1. Find Your Favorite Balloons

Any latex or foil inflatables will do just right for a custom project. Online stores present customers with hunders of variations of the same balloon shape. Order as many inflatables as there will be letters.

2. Cut Out The Letters

You may use paper, construction paper, and even thin faux swede. Print out the stamp of a letter, outline it on the preferred material, and cut out every detail. Although the process may take time, you can customize the font and the material of each letter, making the decoration personal.

3. Stick Them Together

Once the letters are ready and the balloons are inflated, it’s time to assemble the pieces. The fastest way to attach letters to inflatables would be by using double-sided tape, sticking it between the cutouts and the balloons. Remember that you do not have many attempts to do that as the double-sided tape may be too sticky, and ripping it off may lead to bursting the balloon. The best way to assemble everything in one try would be by measuring the placement of letters instead of freehanding.

4. Attach The Balloons With Letters To A Wall Or An Arch

This step will ensure secure placement of your inflatables, completing the composition. Make sure the materials used for letters are not too heavy, otherwise the balloon might sink a little.

5. Enjoy The Decoration

DIY and professional letter inflatables are the best way to spice up the celebration venue in no time, adding originality and festivity to your décor.

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