How Do I Know if My Die Springs are Wearing Out?

Die springs are types of compression springs designed to support heavy loads and continually withstand the stress. These types of springs are designed for use in more than die-cutting machines. They are also found in brakes, clutches, farm equipment, ground vehicles, and even aircraft.

While they are capable of lasting for a long time, die springs do eventually wear out. When that happens, it’s time to replace the older springs with new ones manufactured by one of the best metal stamping services in the province. Here are some signs that it’s time to start thinking about replacements.

The Springs are Starting to Sag

As any of the higher quality springs manufacturers will point out, sagging is a sign that those die springs are nearing the end of their useful lives. Springs used in farming vehicles are prime examples. When the weight is lifted, the vehicles no longer lift back to the original position. Since this can put additional pressure on other components, replacing the springs is one way to extend the life of that vehicle.

An Increase in Bounce

The process of metal stamping Toronto that helps create die springs ensures that equipment and vehicles don’t bounce during usage. If you’ve noticed that there is more bouncing lately, failing springs could be the origin. Since there are a few other possible causes, it pays to have a professional take a look. If the springs are the problem, arrange to purchase and install a new set as quickly as possible.

The Vehicle Develops Sway

During operation, does the vehicle tend to sway a bit when you round curves or turn in one direction or the other? These springs are designed to prevent sway and make it easier to control the direction. When this isn’t happening, it means one or more of the springs are beginning to weaken. Your best bet is to contact one of the better metal stamping services and obtain a new set that’s designed specifically for your type of equipment.

Remember that swaying is not just a distraction. It can also interfere in your ability to control the movement of the device. See replacing those worn springs as a safety measure as well as a good way to prevent further damage to the vehicle.

More Noise During Operation

You may not think that there’s any connection between die springs and noise, but it exists. The support provided by the springs helps to prevent other components from coming into contact and generating the sound that results from scraping or rubbing. If you’ve noticed that things are not as quiet as they used to be, do have the springs checked. It may be time to replace them with a new set that’s capable of providing better suspension.

There are other signs that your die springs have seen better days. If these or any other issues related to supporting the equipment develop, do have the springs checked. If they are weakening, remember that Custom Spring Corporation offers die springs in many different sizes and strengths. It won’t take long to find a set that’s a perfect fit. Once they are installed, you’ll notice an immediate difference.

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