How Do Color Runs Work?

Color run are a fun way to get people active while also raising money for charities or school needs. It is a 5K marathon with a lot of colors. The whole idea of this is for the runners to gain another color after each kilometer they reach. This is done by powdered colors that are spritz onto the runners. Every kilometer has a different color. In the end, the runners will have a mixture of colors to show they accomplished the entire marathon.

What Do You Need For A Successful Color Run?

To ensure your event will be a hit, there are some things to consider:

A name: The original marathon name cannot be used since it is trademarked. So, you’ll need to come up with something creative and catchy to get people excited about it.

When and where: This may not be that different, especially if this is to raise funds for a school. A weekend date could work best. The event could be held at the school if it has a running track. If not, a park could be a great option.

People to help: This event is going to need a lot of hands-on decks for it to run smoothly. There are a lot of things that will need to be completed both during and after the marathon such as people to spray the runners with the colorful powder, setup, getting runners checked in, photographers, and people to help navigate the runners.

Does Color Wash Out Easily?

To have an event where you are spraying large quantities of colors on runners as well as the location the runners are in, a concern may be that the colors will not clean easily. However, that concern can be washed away as quickly as the colors themselves. By a simple mist of a hose, the magical colors of the marathon will both clear from surfaces and runners alike.

If the colors happen to get in the eyes, a quick water rinse will get it out. Those participating are asked to wear sunglasses to prevent this from happening. There is no toxicity in the colors, though. So, if a little bit of color does get into the eyes, it will not blind or hurt you.

This is the same if it is ingested. Though it will not have the best taste, it will not cause any damage if a little gets in your mouth. Breathing it in is similar to when you breathe in dust. A small exposure is ok, but longer periods are not recommended.

What Is The Color Made Of?

The base ingredient is cornstarch. Other ways to get the colors for the powder are widely available. You can use liquid food coloring, which will require a lot of drops for it to get the most vibrant of colors. Also, half a jar of icing coloring is a good way to get the colors you need. These can be found in the cake-making section at your local grocery store.

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