How Do Calgary Florists Keep Flowers Fresh?

Many florists around Calgary provide residents with a steady supply of fresh flowers. These flowers are sold are locally grown. Therefore, they can withstand the changes in weather and the climate of Calgary.

However, flowers need to be preserved properly, so that they stay fresh and healthy. The points given below discuss various techniques that florists follow to keep their flowers fresh once they are cut.

The Stems Are Trimmed And Pruned

Once the flowers are cut from the plant, the stems should be trimmed at an angle. When an inch or two of the stems is cut, it helps the flowers draw water better.

Florists in Calgary cut the stems once in a while, as long as the flowers are kept in storage. Pruning is also necessary to keep flowers fresh. All foliage below the water line should be cut. This prevents the chance of fungal growth.

After the flowers are stored, florists check them every two days and trim dead leaves or withering petals. The flowers do not develop bacterial rot and stay fresh.

Flowers Are Not Kept In Direct Heat

Direct heat can cause flowers to dry up. Therefore, florists in Calgary do not keep their vases of fresh flowers in direct sunlight. It is important to keep cut flowers in a cool room that will not overheat at all.

Rooms that have cooling vents, or even ceiling fans are avoided. In such rooms, flowers become dehydrated and die due to a lack of moisture. Florists keep freshly cut flowers in cool spaces that do not get direct sunlight or any other form of heat. These flowers last for a long time and can be sold fresh even after a few days.

The Water Is Changed Regularly

Once the flowers are cut, they have to be kept in water. However, this water needs to be changed regularly. Without freshwater, the flowers will wither very quickly. The vase should also be cleaned before freshwater is added. When freshwater is added, it should cover about two-thirds of the stems and not more than that.

Calgary florists usually change the water every day or every two days. If the water remains unchanged, then the chances of bacterial or fungal infections increase and affect fresh flowers significantly. An entire bouquet can get ruined due to dirty water.

Well-Functioning Display Units Are Used

Florists often display their flowers in front of the shop. They use large display units to place all vases, bouquets, and baskets. These display units have a temperature function. To keep flowers fresh the temperature should be between 34 and 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The display units are made out of plastic so that the material does not interfere with the pH balance of the water.

If the balance is altered, the flowers will be affected and will not stay fresh. Preservatives and other additives are also mixed in these units and the flowers stored in them remain healthy for a long period.

Bouquets Are Treated With Flower Food

Flower food is a combination of ingredients that keep the flowers healthy. They usually contain essential sugars, acid, and a small amount of bleach. The sugar is nutritious for the flowers while the acid helps in maintaining the pH balance of the water.

Sometimes water contains certain bacteria or might even have fungal growth which is damaging to fresh flowers. The bleach in the flower food gets rid of them. Flower food is usually available in small packets and many florists in Calgary also sell them to their customers with their bouquet or basket of fresh flowers.

Flowers That Need To Stay Fresh For A Long Time Are Kept In The Fridge

There are many flowers which are harvested all year round. Depending upon the demand or orders placed, florists have to keep these fresh for a long period. The best way to do that is by storing the flowers in a cooler or the fridge.

Now, each type of flower can withstand a certain temperature. Calgary florists maintain the proper temperature while storing their flowers. These flowers usually stay fresh for up to ten days and florists can take time to create bouquets or sell them separately.

The tools used in cutting and handling flowers should always be clean. Using a little bit of bleach always helps as bleach prevents the growth of bacteria or fungi. The flowers will not rot and will stay fresh. The locally-sourced flowers in Calgary are very healthy but once cut, they need steady nutrition and proper care. Therefore, after the flowers are cut, florists make sure that there is a proper supply of water and nutrients and that all external conditions are being maintained. When the flowers get constant care and support, they thrive and bloom for a very long time.


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