How Do Butt Connectors Work: Beginner-Friendly Explanation

Butt connectors are one of the most convenient to use and strong multi wire connectors. They are strong, durable, and offer a versatile use in automotive, marine, and industrial fields. You can also use them in your personal car or at home to connect two end wires, even if those are of different sizes.

It’s crucial that you buy electrical multi connectors of high quality to make sure the application is safe. You can find an impressive range of wire electrical connectors on that will fit your electrical needs and budget.

To install these successfully, you have to know how they work.

How Do Butt Connectors Work?

A butt connector consists of a metal sleeve, surrounded by insulation material (vinyl, nylon), extended on both sides. There’s a heat shrink type as well that provides an extra layer of protection against all kinds of damage and an overall stronger connection yet requires a bit more work to install.

These cable connectors are cheap and very easy to use. The stripped parts of wires are inserted into the cylinder the butt connector is, wire crimping tools bought at a reliable shop like WirefyShop are used to crimp the sides. If it’s a heat shrink type, a heat source is used to fix insulation and here you go.

The connection is completed by metal to metal contact of the wire parts and an inside terminal sleeve. It’s so easy and to the point that some people even doubt if they should choose crimp connectors over soldering. But the first ones have advantages like:

  • Price;

  • Ease of use;

  • Tool choice and portability.

Types of Butt Connectors

They are all of a similar build and differ by size, color, and material type. Size and color differences are connected. A color is assigned to an element depending on the gauge it supports:

  • Red – 18-22 gauge;

  • Blue – 14-16 gauge;

  • Yellow – 10-12 gauge.

These guidelines apply to all electrical terminals, no matter whether it’s a T-tap, 2-pin, butt splice, or ring connector.

There are also types referring to the insulation material:

  • Vinyl – usually used for light, small wires and indoor application;

  • Nylon – usually used for larger wires and rougher application;

  • Heat shrink – usually used for all kinds of wires when outside or auto use is needed.

WirefyShop offers a wide range of butt connectors, wire crimping tools, and other elements you may need for a convenient and successful electrical application.

Kinds Tips on Crimp Multi Cable Connector Use

Here are some kind, beginner-friendly tips on using a multiple wire butt connector:

  • Choose waterproof, heat, and solution resistant connectors if the environment of application is quite rough (heat shrink ones are the best for outside use);

  • Heat shrink wires are considered the toughest, so keep that in mind;

  • Make sure you don’t plug any appliances or turn the electricity on while working;

If you doubt about the idea of installing butt connectors yourself, be sure to call a specialist and consult them on the topic.

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