How Do A Staffing Agency Works?

The main aim of the staffing agency is to match the right candidate with the most suitable position. They are important since they help client companies and job seekers save time in their employee search and job search respectfully.

If you have decided to look for a job using an employment agency, you may need to learn more about a staffing agency. Here Team Global / MSM will show you how staffing agencies work and how you can get job easily using them. Take a gander.

What Do Employment Agencies Do?

A staffing agency helps a job seeker get the right position that suits its skills and the company to get the right candidate with the right skills to fill a certain position. The position which the company want to be filled can be permanent or temporary. These agencies allow employees to try new positions before settling in any position permanently. They are also called temporary agencies or recruitment firms.

The Process Of Staffing Agencies

Here is a brief process of how a staffing agency near me works;

The Client Company Contacts  The Staffing Agency

When a need to employ a new worker arises, the employer contacts a recruitment agency that specialises in a specific industry. The client company gives the agency the job requirements specific to the position the company want to fill. From there, the agency advertises the job on job boards and websites.

Potential Candidates Apply

Job seekers can look for the advertised job vacancies through job boards, agency’s website or social media platforms. If need be, they can discuss their qualifications face-to-face with the recruiters. In either case, the recruiters are interested in knowing their education background, skills, and experience and decide whether they fit with the position they want to fill.

The job applicants are supposed to sign-up with the staffing agency since the recruitment agency is supposed to carry out everything, from conducting interviews to the job posting. In case there is something needed to be done in order to enhance your chances of getting the job, the agency gives you feedback.


Once the recruitment agency gets the potential applicant for the position, they carry out screening interviews. Based on the position that needs to be filled, the company representatives might get involved in the process of interviewing the candidates. The recruitment agency introduces the job applicants to the employers who then choose who to hire.

Contracts and Pay

Typically, the agency is supposed to manage the significant percent of the paperwork. For instance, it manages the contract of the candidate and can terminate it if necessary. The agency also manages employee’s payroll, employment taxes and Social Security.

As you can see, a staffing agency near me is a time saver for both companies and job seekers.

Do Recruitment Agencies Charge Fee?

Yes, to the client company. If a company doesn’t use a staffing job agency, it will have to incur costs in internal recruitment or posting job-board ads.

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