How Can You Use QR Codes In a Powerpoint Presentation?

Performing diverse presentations in education and other sectors have evolved over time. The restrictions that existed in old presentation methods are eliminated with the usage of presentation software like PowerPoint, as technology simplifies complex jobs with multiple command integration. You can learn about the best way to use the presentation software and files for better results, on this website:

But, given that keeping people involved with the presentations is a challenge for all presenters, how might the usage of QR codes in Ppt demonstrations assist in keeping the audience engaged?

With the existence of a QR code generator online, you can integrate these QR codes in your PowerPoint demonstrations in various ways and improve the way you present your topic for an event or workshop.

What exactly is a QR code?

A QR (Quick Response) code is a grid variety of barcodes that stores and secures data using four different encoding techniques: numeric, alphanumeric, binary, and kanji. In 1994, they initially utilized this sort of barcode in Japan to track and label items in the vehicle assembly.

QR codes are being used in various businesses to store product information, electronic menus, and other data. Learn more about How can you use QR codes in a PowerPoint presentation at

Variety of Ways a QR code in your PowerPoint presentation

You can utilize QR codes in your next PowerPoint presentation in the accompanying ways because they are widespread and can be incorporated in any way feasible.

You can use it to connect your data sources.

Because the data you include in your PowerPoint slides is limited, some of your audience members will ask for the source’s link to have a better insight.

You can accomplish this by embedding a QR code of the data link to assist them in transitioning from your slides to the educational resource using their phone cameras. This eliminates the need for your participants to input the information link into the browser.

People can find additional activity files on the portal.

If you’re giving a seminar or workshop and want your attendees to apply what you’ve taught them, a PDF QR code is a terrific idea to embed an activity file within the presentation. They can complete their task electronically without any fuss if they scan the code.

Add them to your Reach Me Slideshow.

You can encode your contact information into a QR code and use it in your Reach Me slideshow if you want your audience to contact you via SMS or email following your presentation. Using QR codes in SMS marketing is an efficient way to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. QR codes can be used for discounts, menus, commercial tracking, entertainment and transport ticketing, product and loyalty marketing and in-store product labeling.

Your audience will be able to read and save your contact information with only a scan.

Get feedback from your audience on your presentation.

Obtaining feedback from one’s audience can assist in identifying areas where one can improve one’s performance. Because handing out and collecting feedback forms might be time-consuming, you can collect input from your audience by having them scan a feedback form QR code on your presentation.

Continue the conversation on social media.

Because you only have a certain amount of time to convey your idea to your audience, some presenters encourage them to continue the conversation on social media. However, because inputting the speaker’s social media group for discussion takes longer than scanning a code that goes to the website, it’s ideal for integrating a QR code in your slideshow.


The usage of technical tools like QR codes is advancing the way we convey ideas in PowerPoint, so the software’s presentation options are no longer limited to text and graphics.

Because the inclusion of contactless technology such as QR codes is the future of presentations, working with a QR code generator with logo ensures that presenters can include a QR code that works in their PowerPoint presentation.

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