How Can You See Your Facebook Posts Shared More?

Facebook is no longer a platform for merely sharing status updates and posting photos and messages. The platform has become so big that it is now an indispensable part of digital marketing for many companies. Around 200 million businesses use Facebook, and 59% of social media users are on this platform.

As of July 2022, 2,936,000 individuals were using Facebook, and they spent an average of 2 hours and 29 minutes each day on the app. This is potentially a huge audience for any business to reach out to.

Facebook has a number of tools that can be utilized by businesses and individuals to boost engagement. Stories, posts, ads, and polls, are just some of the ways that brands can create content that grabs an audience.

What if your content isn’t being shared as much as you would like? Is there any way to raise Facebook share rates?

Why are your posts not being shared as much as you want?

The average Facebook user shares just 1 post every 30 days. So, if you aren’t seeing your posts shared as often as you want, you may be able to take some solace in that statistic.

The median rate of engagement across the board on Facebook is just 0.08%. If you want more Facebook post shares you may have to consider some different tactics. Maybe your audience isn’t large enough, or perhaps they aren’t engaging due to the content you post.

Does the content you post affect your engagement levels?

One way to get more engagement and shares is to use images and videos. Not only will this help with engagement, but you will retain visitors longer, and this can lead to higher conversion rates.

When a user reads text-only content they retain about 10% of the information. But, when a video is used, the viewer will retain up to 95% of the message being told. This is an essential statistic to know if you are using the platform for marketing purposes.

One more important stat is that videos are shared 1200% more times than text and links combined. The click-through rate is estimated to be as high as 96% with video content too.

How can you get more posts shared on Facebook?

Sometimes simply having engaging and inspiring content still isn’t enough to reach the level of shares that you want. If you want to increase your Facebook post share rate then there are some services that you can use.

If you want to maximize your Instagram audience, grow your following on SoundCloud, or get more likes on Facebook, you can by paying for it. Facebook shares can be bought from many vendors online now. But, is it legit?

Should you buy Facebook post shares?

The first thing to understand with buying post shares is that not all the services offered are the same. You will either be buying real engagement or fake engagement, and the latter is worthless.

If you use a good service then you could see genuine engagement and a huge increase in your page shares. Sharing posts is an effective way to generate leads, and to grow your brand.

Buying post shares is also cost-effective, and most services off Facebook shares at a low cost. But, if you buy fake engagement then you could see a rise in shares followed by an obvious decrease that your genuine audience will see. Fake engagement is neither meaningful nor beneficial.

What are the benefits of getting more Facebook post shares?

If you are trying to leverage social media marketing for your business then you need your content to be seen. More shares mean more views, which means increased chances of engagement, and hopefully sales.

Some of the benefits of Facebook post shares are:

  • Brand growth
  • Audience growth
  • Lead generation
  • Increased traffic
  • Higher conversion rate

With the higher levels of traffic that your website receives and more backlinks, you should also benefit from higher SERPs.

Can you be banned for buying Facebook post shares?

Operating multiple accounts on Facebook is one certain way to receive a ban. Fake accounts and bots are numerous on social media, and 42% of web traffic comes from bot activity.

However, buying likes and shares shouldn’t leave you with a ban. Buying likes and shares are not prohibited by the terms of service, but because fake accounts are you could potentially lose them.

If your shares come from fake accounts and these profiles are shut down by Facebook, then you will lose your shares and any associated likes. This is why only genuine engagement counts.


Producing engaging content can help to increase shares, and likes, and help to grow an audience. But, it can be difficult to grow a brand and reach a bigger audience at times.

Buying post shares can see your content spread further, and potentially help with business growth. However, it must be done through a genuine service that provides real and meaningful engagement.

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