How Can You Safely Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud On Your Mac?

Adobe Creative Cloud is maybe one of the best packages for creatives, and for a good reason. You have access to business tools, but also video and photo editing, along with social media, graphic design and even various templates. It’s a great idea to have Adobe Creative Cloud, but sometimes you might not need it anymore and want to uninstall it. For some people, removing Adobe Creative Cloud from their Mac can be difficult. But here are some ideas you need to consider.

Use an uninstaller

Manually removing tools like these can be difficult and challenging. However, with an uninstaller, you can easily choose to uninstall in one click and you will be good to go. The advantage of Adobe Creative Cloud uninstallations is they are quick, efficient, and you’re able to complete them in no time. If you use an uninstaller, you choose the Adobe Creative Cloud, press Uninstall and then it will remove all the included apps for you. It’s an ideal way for you to save both time and money, while also not rushing in any way.

Manually removing the Adobe Creative Cloud

A good idea here is to enter the Activity Monitor. Before you delete anything, you will have to force quit all apps within the Adobe Creative Cloud. That way, you can safely uninstall them. It’s going to take a bit if you’re using a multitude of apps from the suite at the same time.

Now that you closed the apps, what you need to do is to:

  • Open the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Go to your App tab. That way you will be able to access the apps currently installed on your device.
  • Press More Actions
  • Select the Uninstall prompt and then you have to follow the instructions.

That won’t be all, because you also need to remove the desktop app. Go to the Applications folder, and here you want to enter the Adobe Creative Cloud folder. Here you will enter the Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud tool. Once you enter that, press Uninstall so it can start the process.

What’s challenging with these is that sometimes you can encounter errors. If you don’t have the apps up to date or you had errors before, it can be possible to deal with errors again. And while that might not seem like an issue at first, it most definitely becomes one later on.


Even if Adobe Creative Cloud has its uninstaller, it’s not always going to remove everything. If an app is running, then you might end up with stuff remaining on your Mac. That’s why an uninstaller can be a great option. It allows you to fully remove the app and not have to worry about any issues that can sometimes arise. We highly recommend using an uninstaller for Adobe Creative Cloud because it’s an efficient and comprehensive way to remove this suite. Also, remember to enter the Library folder and remove any Adobe files that can be left over during the uninstallation process!

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