How Can You Get A 5G Postpaid Connection? Read On!

After years of anticipation, 5G is now finally available in India. If you think your 4G connection is fast, then just wait till you experience what 5G brings to the table. Getting 5G is relatively easier, more so when you do not even have to get a new prepaid or say, an Airtel postpaid SIM card for it. However, there are a couple of factors that you must remember. We have covered all these points below.

Get a 5G phone first

Before you start thinking about getting a 5G plan on your mobile phone, you will have to get a phone that supports this brand-new technology. The smartphone market is currently choc-a-bloc with a variety of options, so you will have absolutely no issues here. You will get many high-end, mid-range and even budget-friendly options from a variety of smartphone manufacturers. To put it simply, you can get spoilt for choice very easily when it comes to buying a new 5G phone.

Activate 5G on your smartphone

Now that you have got yourself a 5G phone, the next step is to activate 5G on your device. You will have to do this additionally because smartphones usually do not have 5G activated in them initially. This step is rather easy. Just open the ‘Settings’ app on your phone, go to ‘Networks & Internet’ or a similar option and activate your 5G from there. In case, you do not see ‘5G’ written there, then you may have to wait a little more for 5G to come to your smartphone.

‘How will 5G come to my smartphone?’ is the next and obvious question that you may ask. The answer lies with a software update. Most smartphone manufacturers usually launch their devices without an active 5G option. However, they do send out timely software that activates it for your device. The update unlocks the technology for your smartphone. Therefore, if you do see a pending update, then go ahead and install it right away!

Choose the right mobile service provider

Finally, it is also important that you choose a mobile network service provider that gives you 5G without any hiccups. Airtel 5G is the very best when it comes to having a 5G postpaid connection and there are multiple reasons behind our claim.

Airtel uses a wide range of technologies that make the 5G experience smoother and better for you. With the help of network slicing, you get a faster 5G signal on your Postpaid connection than competition. In addition, Airtel 5G gets you speeds that are up to 30 times faster than what you get on regular 4G networks. Therefore, if you want speed on your smartphone, then choose Airtel.

Airtel 5G has already been running across some of the metro cities in India. Additionally, they will be active across all of India’s metros by the end of 2022. Airtel has also promised to bring 5G to all the major towns of our country by the end of 2023.

Benefits of Airtel postpaid connection

Interested in what you see? Port your number to Airtel postpaid today and avail all the benefits! Here are some of them:

  1. You can pick and choose from the widest variety of postpaid plans.
  2. Data rollover facility so that you can always make the most of your data balance.
  3. Unlimited local or STD calls so that your communication needs are always met.
  4. Additional OTT benefits, such as free subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+ Hotstar mobile.
  5. Family add-on facilities.
  6. Handset protection by Airtel.

Why is 5G better than 4G?

Still not giving in to the hype behind 5G? Then here are some points that might win you over:

  1. 5G is the next generation of mobile data technology and resonates with speed and smooth connectivity.
  2. Superfast downloads will now seem common with 5G.
  3. You can finally watch 4K videos from mobile data without having any lags.
  4. Are you someone who is into virtual gaming? Then 5G is perfect for you. Be it Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) – 5G brings all of it to life.

Get 5G from Airtel right away and step into the new normal of mobile connectivity.

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