How Can I Get My First Job in Animation?

Is there a simple way for a university graduate to find a job in animation instantly? We are afraid, there is no such thing as ‘a simple way’. Sometimes it’s the matter of luck, in other cases of talent and showing it from the right side, sometimes it’s the experience and a rich portfolio.

The animation industry has always been a tricky road. The strongest survive, the weakest give in. Still, even in the circumstances of today’s crisis and the tough hiring process, there is always hope that you will make it to the desired place in the animation business. Now, you, probably, thought of a good resume. This is quite right and many resume writing services give excellent assistance with it; for instance, is the leading cost saving resume writing service to order a quick resume from. Although, it is not the only factor to consider.

In the next few paragraphs, we will leave the list of what we think are the key ingredients in the recipe for receiving your first job in animation.

Best Resume Writing Service and Other Tips to Use In the Job Search

If you’re a university graduate and want to get serious about job hunting, now can’t rely on the methods you used in the past. You need something more than word-of-mouth publicity or personal contacts with local employers. These effective ways will take your search to a higher level.

Be available for employers.

You can send hundreds of resumes to various companies but still be unsuccessful and you know what? Success is not measured by the number of tries but rather by constantly being ‘in the sight’ of employers in the chosen field. Just make your CV easy to find. Have a blog or website? Put the description of your activity there. The information must be in the open access so that a potential boss could click and see it through.

Give your resume a good polish.

Including full information about your college studies, extracurricular activities, and additional education is not the only factor that makes a resume good. First of all, a resume should be short, easily readable, and up to date. Keep it relevant, add the details that are crucial for one job, and omit them the next time when applying for the other job. Plus, while putting together documents such as CV or resume, do not neglect the difference.

Make use of professional resume writing services.

If you’re a newbie at resume writing and consider to hire someone to write this document for you, there is plenty of legal custom writing services where expert authors from all over the world (both from the UK, USA, and non-natives) will work at making it a professional piece of writing that will leave an imprint on the reader and give a full and detailed image of who you are and what exclusive skills you can offer to the company.

If you need both a resume and a cover letter, order them by writing to the team ‘Help me write my resume’. Writers on the affordable online service are a good example of writing high-quality and cheap resumes even in the shortest terms.

Work at the portfolio.

Today employers aren’t impressed by how prestigious your college is – they need real skills for real projects. If you bother to collect your best designs into a database to show them during interviews or send them together with a resume, your chances will surely grow. Just be sure your works are worthy of top appraisal. Updating this portfolio with the projects showing the new and new skills you gain us also a huge plus; keep up with the times and let others see it!

Get a personal contact.

Okay, not it’s time to tell the truth: if you purchase a resume from a certified writer it won’t help if you don’t take steps to the future job on your own. Even in the era of Internet dominance, personal connections make sense: it was proven that employers are more likely to hire people who have already come near and got acquainted. They are simply more comfortable working with those whom they know personally so keep it in mind and try to establish trusted relationships. They will pay off, we promise!

P.S. This works well through communication with older students who already tried the job positions you apply for and, logically, know more people to cooperate with.

Landing the first job might still feel nervous and unconfident, but we are sure that if you compile an impressive portfolio, polish your resume, buy resumes from the proven websites, get out of your comfort zone and establish human contacts, the first animation job won’t make you wait long.

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