How Arizona Workers Comp Lawyers Can Help In Your Claim

If you got hurt on the job in Arizona, you might have to pay a lot for medical care and lose pay. Arizona workers comp lawyers can help you get money when you get hurt on the job. Insurance companies pay benefits for workers’ comp in Arizona. These companies will try to downplay or even deny claims like yours. If you disagree with the insurance company about your benefits, influential defense lawyers will work for the insurance company.

The workers’ comp system in Arizona can be very complicated. If you try to represent yourself, you might make mistakes that cost you a lot of money. Instead, talk to skilled Arizona workers comp lawyers.

What Workers’ Compensation in Arizona Pays for?

Loss Of Wages

You could lose money if you take time out of work to get better. Your monthly income before to being harmed will serve as the basis for payments.

Care Goes On For More Severe Injuries

Surgery and weeks or months of physical therapy may be needed to heal from serious injuries.

Illnesses Caused By Work

Unhealthy working conditions or substances can cause people to get sick.

Repetitive Injuries

Injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by repeated strains.

Costs Of The Funeral And Death Benefits

A worker’s family may get these benefits if the worker dies in an accident at work.

Disability benefits

These benefits may be given to you if you can’t go back to work because of an injury or illness you got at work.

We have very skilled Arizona workers comp lawyers who have helped people all over Arizona with their claims. We know what the rules are for workers’ comp in Arizona.

Benefits For Workers’ Comp

Workers’ comp medical benefits

If you get hurt on the job, your employer can choose the first doctor you see for treatment. After that first treatment, you can go to any doctor you want. Workers’ comp pays for all reasonable and necessary medical bills when you get sick or hurt on the job.

Benefits for lost wages and disability

If you get hurt and can’t work, you can earn money to compensate for the lost money. If your disability is permanent and total, your benefits will equal 2/3 of your average monthly wage, up to the state’s maximum benefit amount.

  • The benefits you could get for a permanent disability depend on many things. The most important thing is how bad your injury is and how much it hurts you.
  • It’s possible to receive lifetime payments if a work-related injury renders you fully and permanently incapacitated.
  • Permanent Unscheduled Partial Disability benefits are for people who have a disability that affects the “trunk” of their body, such as their back, head, shoulders, hips, and mind.
  • You will get temporary total disability benefits if you can’t work at any time during your recovery. TTD benefits are given to injured workers who can’t return to work for a short time.
  • Temporary partial disability benefits are given to injured workers who can’t do all their jobs but can still return to work. Because of this, these workers make less money as they get better. A doctor must say what limits keep the worker from doing all the work they did before the injury.
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